A Treyarch employee has reportedly been caught in the act of playing an unknown title from the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise developer, resoundingly titled ‘Iron Wolf.’ Will Activision publish a game based from Viktor Reznov’s spin off?

The next addition in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), is still far from hitting retail shelves, to be exact, CoD fans need to wait about 3 months — but that hasn’t prevented the hunger of first person shooter fans from speculating what’s next for the highly successful series.

While the biennial turn-around for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare installments seems like something that is obvious these days, Treyarch‘s period-piece Call of Duty games, such as last year’s Black Ops, tend to be surrounding in a bit more mystery — considering they’re not stacked into one time period (and subsequently have more room to explore various war scenarios).

So, if one perceptive shooter fan is to be believed, we might already have a bit of details into what in the cards for Treyarch — specifically, a working title for their next game to the series, Call of Duty: Iron Wolf.

Source: After MW3, it’s Call of Duty: Iron Wolf - MyOna