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How become a ps3 games tester?

This is a discussion on How become a ps3 games tester? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Hi,, first of all let me start by apologising as I realise this is prob. the wrong place for this ...

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    How become a ps3 games tester?

    Hi,, first of all let me start by apologising as I realise this is prob. the wrong place for this question, but I don't know where else to put it. Like many gamers I would like to be a games tester, that really is the height of my ambition because it is a job I would happily apply myself to and be content doing. However when so many people in the world want the same as me how do you stand out from the crowd. I am hoping amongst the many gamers on this site there might be some games testers who could pass on some advice. I feel I am a skillful gamer, but as I only started trophy collecting at the end of last year I can only move so far up a site leaderboard like this one and obviously can never touch alot of gamers simply because of the huge head start on me. How then do I convince a games company of my ability. Any advice would be most welcome and again my apologies to anyone I have upset by posting this question in this part of the forums.

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    Very interesting question indeed there were some people on the site (pre-zero hour) that were game testers, but not that I know of now

    I also read that game testing isn't as enjoyable as many people think it is. It basically involves you trying to break the game (I think...?) .. My idea of being a game tester since recently was something along the lines of:

    ''Playing awesome games from the beginning till the end, then giving your opinion about it''.

    In reality, you will probably have to play sh*t games as well, and you will probably also have to repeat tons of areas and try to break them. I think it's pretty repetitive; I doubt you'll be enjoying the game/story whilst playing (It is a job after all). Then again, I might be wrong.

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    Why have you posted this thread again?

    But yeah D1Mech is right. My brother works in the game industry as a programmer and he told me that game testing isn't as fun as people think because you have to try and break the game so the programmers can fix any bugs and glitches. You will have to repeat the same thing over and over again becoming really repetitive and it will be even worse when your playing a bad game. Not trying to put you off or anything if that's what you want to do. You get paid for it after all.

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    D1mech is correct, Its very repetative and you only play 1 portion of the game, ( 1 level or one mission ) over and over again and try and find bugs etc.

    To become a 'game tester' there are a few ways to do it, you can go the artistic way, writing the story way, writing the code/ level designs etc. Whichever way you choose you still need to go to uni for it and major in that field. then you can apply at a games company, there are also 'universities' that are just for people who want to get into that sort of thing.

    I hope that helps you
    a 'game tester' is not all its hyped up to be, its very boring. unless of course you are into that lol

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    You basically need to become a journalist and a reviewer.. I do it on this site, but I don't get paid.

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