I shed tears yesterday, because I witnessed something extremely beautiful that day. Something I never thought I did witness. And today after I cleared the game, I applauded. No, really, i did the action: applauding. I ignored how stupid I looked doing that, but fu** me, do not care after played something that have so much EPICNESS.

Behold, in the first stage I witnessed this: thousand of spaceships firing lasers at aliens/monsters. Gods flying in vacuum slicing, splitting and crushing tentacle beasts, earth spitting out giant evil mouth with one of the most moving soundtrack this generation.

Take a look:

Some people say that this doensīt qualify as a game. This game made me feel like a badass killing gods, saving earth and smacking the living sh!t outta buddha soldiers with miniguns. I liked the character more than Kratos and the plot is almost masterpiece compared Mass effect (yeah defend earth against aliens...yawn).

The only game this year (so far) that I bought day 1 and didnīt regret. Anyone played it and thoughts?