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Final Fantasy Games Ratings?

This is a discussion on Final Fantasy Games Ratings? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Ok my list goes like this: 1) FFVII 2)FF VIII 2) IX ((Now I can't decide between VIII and IX ...

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    Ok my list goes like this:

    1) FFVII
    2)FF VIII
    2) IX
    ((Now I can't decide between VIII and IX as witch one I like better. Both had greaty story and both had great card games))
    4)XI (spent 2 years on that game but my character looked badass with great equipment)

    As great as all these games are they all have there own reasons to be good.

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    Here is my list

    FF Tactics

    I've not played enough of the other ones to rank them, or have not played them at all. I play RPGs based on story so thats how I rated my list. I enjoyed FF2's story the most, followed by 3.

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    For me (out of what i've played):

    FF VII: The first FF I played and the only one that made me cry because of the story (in a good way). Games that give me tears are the best for me. Great story, music and memorable characters. It gets a lot of hype, but imo well deserved. There's not a thing I don't like about this game.
    FF VIII: I had to get used to this one in the beginning, but it turned out as another great FF and the cardgame got me addicted.
    FF Crisis Core: I loved this game, Zack, the missions and fighting. It's a sad and emotional story too, which is good. Ending is too sad (teary eyes).
    FF IX: This one was very different for me, but it was nice. I liked the retro style but I can't remember all what happened anymore storywise..
    FF XIII: This game made me cry too, but in another way. Graphicswise It's the most beautiful game I've ever played, but I didn't really like the vague story, most of the characters and (yes shoot me) the linearity. The open world at the end made it a bit better. The grinding got me really bored though and i was glad that when I finished the end boss (what's his name again?), I could get this game over with.

    I also played some FF tactics on Nintendo DS and such and loved them as well. I don't mention them though because they're not headtitles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roswellian View Post
    Out of what i've played

    1) FF8 - Not only the best FF game its also the best game ever made.
    2) FF13 - Not sure why this gets so much hate. I love it
    3) FF9
    4) FF7 - Way too much hype. I'm not denying its a good game. Its just not the best one.
    5) FF13-2 - Noel and Caius are very irritating
    6) FF10 - Another one like 7. its a okay game but nowhere near the best FF
    7) FF10-2
    8) FF12 - I didn't sink to much time into this one as I couldn't get into it. Found it very boring
    8 best game ever made? 12 and 7 to much hype?? excuse but, can you tell me any other RPG you liked? not in FF franchise i mean

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    Reality, sadly......

    No love for Crisis Core...................guess VII over shadows it.
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    1) FF IV
    2) FF VI
    3) FF VII
    4) FF Tactics
    5) FF IX
    6) FF X
    7) FF I
    8) FF XII
    9) FF XIII
    10) FF II
    11) FF III
    12) FF V
    13) FF X-2
    14) FF VIII

    I don't count XI or XIV as part of the main FF series personally, as they are MMO's and only played the later briefly, also haven't played XIII-2 yet but watched my fiancee grind out some chrystium levels in it, seems pretty cool though.

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    My order is by the most favorite to my least favorite.

    1.) FFX - Love the story and gameplay. Especially playing Blitzball. Yuna and Auron are my only favorite characters.
    2.) FFVII - Love the story and characters.
    3.) FFVII: Crisis Core - I so love the characters. Mostly all of them are very likeable.
    4.) FFXIII: I say this is the best gameplay ever. The story is ok and the only characters that I love is only Lightning and Fang. I was disappointed that it wasn't more of an open world like FFXII.
    5.) FFXII: I love that we have a lot of more to do and it was basically an open world. The story just completely sucked though.
    6.) FFX-2: This game wasn't necessary, but the story was ok. The gameplay is good, but not the best.

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    Main Series:
    1) 6 - Great Story, Great Graphics, Great Cast of Characters
    2) 4 - Great Story, Good Graphics, Great Cast of Characters
    3) 7 - Great Story, Alright Graphics, Great Cast of Characters
    4) 8 - Good Story, Good Graphics, Alright Cast of Characters
    5) Everything else - Either they felt like the original (clunky) or I never played it
    6) 13 and 13-2 - HATED THE BATTLE SYSTEM!!!!

    Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus would go in between 7 and 8.

    So that pretty much sums my Final Fantasy feelings up.

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