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Final Fantasy Games Ratings?

This is a discussion on Final Fantasy Games Ratings? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I have played nearly all of the Final Fantasy games. They are probably my favorite series due to my love ...

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    Final Fantasy Games Ratings?

    I have played nearly all of the Final Fantasy games. They are probably my favorite series due to my love for RPGs and medieval weaponry.
    Anyways I was curious as to what order you guys would put the Final Fantasy games (Main Series Only Ex. FFI, FFII, FFIII, ... FFX, FFX-2, etc.)
    Here's my list:
    1) FFX
    2) FFVII
    3) FFXIII
    4) FFIV
    5) FFXIII-2
    6) FFVI
    7) FFIX
    8) FFI
    9) FFXII
    10) FFII
    11) FFVIII
    12) FFV
    13) FFIII
    14) FFX-2
    Haven't Played: FFXI & FFXIV
    Just order all the ones you have played.

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    *Note* The list is in order from my favorites to my least favorites, not the ones I think are the "best"

    1) FFVII
    2) FFX
    3) FFVI
    4) FFXIII
    5) FFIX
    6) FFXIII-2 (played only a few hours but I loved it)
    7) FFXII (love this one but the summons are so useless I had to put it here)
    8) FFVIII
    9) FFX-2
    10) FFIV
    11) FFIII

    That's all the ones I remember playing enough to "rate" them. I played the first ones long ago when I didn't even know English yet.
    I haven't played the Online ones and I don't plan to.
    I love FF as mcuch as any fan, but I do think that a game named Final Fantasy these days doesn't guarantee I'll buy it.

    Square-Enix needs to bring back Vagrant Story and Dragon Quest (DQXI for PS2 would be awesome)

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    Ffvii ffxii ffx ffix ffviii ffxiii ffxiii-2 ffx-2 ffvi

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    Im working on FFIX atm and so far it has been a great game with a cool story/plot
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    1) FF8
    2) FF7
    3) FF10
    4) FF4
    5) FF3
    6) FF1
    7) FF2
    8) FF10-2
    9) FF9
    haven't played the others.. but I know that I hated 13 so that goes here:
    13) FF13
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    havent gotten into ff xiii-2 yet but i think ive played pretty much every other one, off beat ones like tactics and mystic quest are probably my favorites

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    Reality, sadly......

    Best and favourite is the same, the whole idea on those two depends on your preference.

    1)Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Have the most likable characters, my favorite main character in any FF game and the best plot.
    2)Final Fantasy VI - Magic...............
    3)Final Fantasy IX - Never knew that such bright colours could make me love it
    4)Final Fantasy XII - Builds a whole believable fictional world full of life and adventures
    5)Final Fantasy XIII-2 - enjoyed what I played of it alot (at a friend)
    5)Final Fantasy II - Good time sink
    6)Final Fantasy VII - I couldnīt handle Cloudīs emo powers
    7)Final Fantasy I - Okay time sink
    8)Final Fantasy IV - Bored me
    9)Final Fantasy XIII - I only touched so that I can justify my hate against Snow
    10)Final Fantasy XIV - Such a boring world with nothing to do
    11)Final Fantasy XI - I never ecountered a battle in this game, wandered round in snail pace in a maze town....
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    i own all the FFs except for the online ones but i still haven't even played 2, 4 or 5 lol, and i won't put number 1 on my list either as i've only played past the first boss so don't have much recollection of it.

    1. FF7 - just the absoloute best, it was the first FF i played and i loved the music, story, characters, and overall gameplay.
    2. FF10 - it was a close one between 8 and 10, but 10 takes it...just
    3. FF8 - Triple Triad rules
    4. FF9 - coloured chocobos were back and Freya is my all time fave FF character
    5. FF12 - i didn't care for 12 much after the awesome FF10, but after playing the almost awful FF13, i went back to my file on 12 when my last PS3 broke down and went right through and finished the game, realising its an absoloute masterpiece and a million times more fun that 13.
    6. FF3 - of course i'm talking about the real FF3 on DS, not 3 (that's really 6) on SNES
    7. FF6 - haven't played enough of this or it'd probably be higher, only been up to where you first get Shadow.
    9. FF10-2
    10. FF13 - a sorry excuse for a Final Fantasy but it has its moments

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    I can give you my Top 3...

    FFIX - Nice combination of all the greatest things that had made the series what it was to that point.

    FFX - Had a lot of the old school greatness to it with a new school look.

    FFVI - Arguably the greatest, and most in depth, overall story in the FF universe.

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    This order is according to the best ones I played and up to my least favorite.

    Top 3:
    FF IV, FF VI, FF VII - can't give a particular order for these 3. imo these 3 are the best for me.

    4) FF IX - Tetra Master was addicting
    5) FF X - Blitzball was addicting
    6) FF XII - a lot of sidequests to do and they were all fun plus there's Yiazmat which I would love to fight again someday
    7) FF XIII - great storyline
    8) FF XIII-2 - monster hunting was fun to do
    9) FF X-2 - tons of sidequests to do, somehow I got addicted to Sphere Break
    10) FF VIII - I didn't like the storyline although Triple Triad was awesome
    11) FF V
    12) FF I
    13) FF III
    14) FF II
    15) FF XI - didn't like it at all

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    1. The original - gotta love the game that started it all
    2. Final Fantasy 7 - loved it, hands down
    3. Final Fantasy 8 - a lot like 7, very good story
    4. Final Fantasy 4 (2 in the US) - good story, somewhat linear though
    5. Final Fantasy 11 - Loved the Online aspect of the game
    6. Final Fantasy 12 - Great Story, loved the gameplay, but some of the characters were annoying
    7. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - I love the improvements over 13, but this is a WIP
    8. Final Fantasy 9 - love the throw back aspect of the game, good story, but something wasn't quite right about this game
    9. Final Fantasy 13 - Love the awesome graphics, good story, but too linear for me
    10. Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the US) - Good story, but there were TOO MANY characters, too many side stories
    11. Final Fantasy 10 - I hated this game. I didn't like the story, Tidus was too whiny, other characters were annoying, too linear. The only redeeming character was Auron.
    12. Final Fantasy X-2 - As if 10 wasn't bad enough, SE had to release this piece of rotten shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny_leyenda View Post
    Square-Enix needs to bring back Vagrant Story and Dragon Quest (DQXI for PS2 would be awesome)
    They'd probably just butcher them as well.

    Anyway I've not played I-IV and I've not finished V or VI yet so I'll omit them from my list.

    Final Fantasy VIII - This one was my first. I reckon most people's first is always their favourite.
    Final Fantasy IX - This game is so underrated it's criminal. I harly ever hear it mentioned when people talk about the series.
    Final Fantasy X - Just brilliant all round, I can't wait for the HD version.
    Final Fantasy XII - I thought the story was crap but the world and the gameplay were simply epic.
    Final Fantasy VII - It gets too much love but it's still a great game.
    Final Fantasy XI - This stole so much of my time when I played it. I was gutted to hear how poor XIV turned out. I was looking forward to another online world.
    Final Fantasy XIII - Good after 20 hours or so. No illusion of openess. Just a straight line and pressing X. Looks pretty but it was so boring. The story was convoluted and the characters were so unlikeable except for Lightning. Loved doing the hunts on Pulse.

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    I have only played several of them, but here is my list.

    1. FFVl
    2. FFVll
    3. FFX
    4. FFXlll
    5. FF
    6. FFXll
    7. FFX-2

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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarer View Post
    11. Final Fantasy 10 - I hated this game. I didn't like the story, Tidus was too whiny, other characters were annoying, too linear. The only redeeming character was Auron.
    12. Final Fantasy X-2 - As if 10 wasn't bad enough, SE had to release this piece of rotten shit.
    You're the first person I know that hates X...I respect your opinion though, it's just that it surprised me.
    X-2 was crap compared to X but it was a really fun game anyway. I guess most Western people would find that "Idol" style really weird (me included) but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I just consider it non-canon.

    And I forgot to put Crisis Core on the list, it would have to be nš5 I guess. Really good game, I wish they'd release it for the PS3, but if it can be played on a Vita, I gotta get one.

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    #1 FF7 - Took the best of the old and threw it into the new. One of the greatest stories in VG history imo.
    #2 FF4 - Badass story and music. My childhood favorite.
    #3 FF1 - The one to bring RPG's into the gaming world for me. Not to mention the story was a classic.
    #4 FF6 - Was a great game, but after Kefka ruined the world. It turned into shit.
    #5 FF5 - Played the japanese version years ago. When it finally came to PS1 it was outdated but still a great game.
    #6 FF9 - Good and bad attempt at bringing the old back... It was a good game though.
    #7 FF8 - FF7's shadow that felt rushed and poorly done. Story was decent but could of been better.
    #8 FF11 - It was a great MMO. But I couldn't get into it while it was live due to Lineage.
    #9 FF2 - Never really cared for the game, and the changed made to it compared to the 1st one felt degrading.
    #10 FF13 - Hated almost everything about the game except the new battle system. Doesn't help the first 4 hours is nothing but watching movies...
    #11 FF 12 - Couldn't get into the game very much.
    #12 FF 10 - Quite possibly one of the worst games I've ever played. I got maybe half way done with the game before I finally gave up. After seeing what happens at the end, I'm glad I stopped too.

    Never played 3, and I don't plan on getting a ds to play it either. But ever since 8-9... To me FF games just haven't lived up to what it was back then. 13 was a nice change gameplay wise, and I loved it. But I couldn't stand anything else about the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnny_leyenda View Post
    You're the first person I know that hates X
    He's not the only one, I hated it.
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    here :)-

    1.Final Fantasy IX
    2.Final Fantasy VII
    3.Final Fantasy XIII-2
    4.Final Fantasy X-2
    5.Final Fantasy X
    6.Final Fantasy VIII
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    Oh man, I could tl;dr on Final Fantasy all day--I've played all of the single-players in the main series, and I can't rank them from a best-to-worst, but I'll try...

    FFIV - My all-time favorite. I don't think it's the best of the series (best-constructed, best-written, whatever), I just know it's my favorite.
    FFX - LOVE this game. It was the first one I played when I finally got a PS2, can't wait for the HD version.
    FFXII - Another game I love. I've probably sunk more hours into various files of FFXII than the entire rest of the main series.
    FFII - I have a weird relationship with this game. I call it "Final Fantasy for masochists" and I'm pretty amazed there was an FFIII considering this game's serious objective issues, but at the same time I like it immensely. (Heh heh, lamias...)
    FFV - The older I get, the more I appreciate FFV. It's so refreshing, and I honestly think that in terms of the craft, this was the best of the SNES trilogy.
    FFIX - Similar thing going on with IX as with V. It's refreshing and its art never fails to make me smile. Plus, it's just plain fun.
    FFVII - Similar thing as with II. I sort of want to do a huge study of this game, considering both its own merits and its position on fandom/gaming culture. It fascinates me in its position as a turning point in the series, and yet at the same time I can't shake the impressions that one, FFVII is incomplete--it is a first draft, if you will--and two, a key part of why it is regarded the way it is is that the last people who expected this game to be as popular as it was were Squaresoft.
    FFI - Yet another game I like looking at as something to study. It's fun, yeah, but it's more fascinating as a document, as a precursor, than it is as a game (though playing FFI after Duodecim was very interesting...).
    FFVI - Remember what I said about FFVII? FFVI was a second draft. It's another thing I think would be fascinating to study and would hold up very well under it.
    FFVIII - Admittedly I haven't played this game since middle school/high school, so my memory is a bit dim, but I remember being very fond of it when I did play. Especially Laguna. But yeah, dim memory means I'm not going to say much.
    FFIII - Oh god those cute endearing kids in the DS version. Arc sends me into transports of delight--which I need, because that game can be frustrating.
    FFXIII - I'm not putting it at the bottom because I hate it--quite the contrary. I'm very fond of it, and of its sequel, but I'm not sure where to rank it, per se, and it'll probably take me until FFXV comes out to figure that one out.

    ...Man I'm sorry for all my long meandering thoughts, but I hope it was of interest to someone!

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    Mine would be:

    FF7 - Loved this story
    FF9 - Vivi need i say more lol
    FF8 - again great story.
    FF10 - Blitzball
    FF12 -
    FF13 - IMO this was the biggest let down ever.

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    Not Ended: IV,V,

    Not Played: I,II,III, XI, XIV, XIII-2

    VII : First One, that Bahamut Zero :3
    IX: Chocobo Forest was awful, but treasure hunting in world map was epic, at least fell like real treasure hunting.
    VI: That ending make me cry.
    X: Every day im summoning :3, also Blizball was a good minigame.
    VIII: Not bad, but i miss something.
    XII: Gilgamesh battle was the only thing i like
    XIII: wait... what? no thanks

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    Out of what i've played

    1) FF8 - Not only the best FF game its also the best game ever made.
    2) FF13 - Not sure why this gets so much hate. I love it
    3) FF9
    4) FF7 - Way too much hype. I'm not denying its a good game. Its just not the best one.
    5) FF13-2 - Noel and Caius are very irritating
    6) FF10 - Another one like 7. its a okay game but nowhere near the best FF
    7) FF10-2
    8) FF12 - I didn't sink to much time into this one as I couldn't get into it. Found it very boring

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