Sony Computer Entertainment Announces New Corporate Structure --

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today changes to its corporate structure, specifically targeting Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

Starting April 1, SCEJ will have new "First Party Publishing" and "Online Service" divisions. The First Party Publishing division falls under the category of publisher and developer relations. The Online Service division falls under the category of sales & marketing and communication.

Also starting April 1, SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano will directly oversee business strategy for SCEJ. Previously, Sony executive vice president Norio Sasaki had the lead in this area.

Sony also announced a number of new positions, including a head of the new First Party Publishing division, and a new Senior Vice President in charge of PlayStation Vita. For the full list of names, see this press release (Japanese).

so new people heading up the online division, first party publishing, And Control over what happens with the Vita.