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PS4 Codenamed Orbis; Will block used games

This is a discussion on PS4 Codenamed Orbis; Will block used games within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Does no one know that the new Xbox had the exact same thing rumoured about a month before and no ...

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    Does no one know that the new Xbox had the exact same thing rumoured about a month before and no one cared. Kind of shows that people love to hate Sony sometimes anyway my opinion which no one cares about.:

    I don't mind the loss of pre owned games (and as a result rented games) provided the cost of the games new go down.

    If they don't then it's not a smart move since I get into a lot of my new games series by getting a pre owned copy of one of the games in the series (like I'm sure a lot of others do). All be it I would then always buy others new if I liked the game I played enough (all be it I would try to get it new on sale instead of paying full price) I mean I brought Monster hunter freedom 2 preowned. Since then I have brought MHF1 4 times new (last being download), MHF2 2 times new (last being download), MHFU 6 times new (last being download). I only brought them multiple times because I played the games to death. all those new games add up to about 110 when I work it out and because I got a game pre-Owned for 7 they made 110 from me which to me seems fair enough.
    In short I think the developers and Sony will lose money on this if people are half or even a quarter as obsessive with games than me

    I also don't like the loss of being able to buy games for less than 2

    Of course I'm also different because I prefer new games since I have had occasions where I brought used games and the didn't work so I always try to buy new now when possible. I also like helping the developer of the game as oppose to who sells it to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange-Vision View Post
    Hey all, so a while ago I posted a forum about why online passes sucked and why we should fight against them, and I remember of bunch of idiots on the forum, I think led by a guy named dr-mayus, went super troll on me because apparently they enjoy bending over and getting screwed over by corporate, but anyways its now come up that ps4 is going to limit games to only be played on one account, I knew this crap was only going to get worse and of course it did, but dope nope nope this is a good thing according to some people (stupid people?),but those people who were defendin it before i'm sure will be stupid enough to try and defend this, heres the link.

    Next PlayStation to lock out used games -
    With used games being lowered in price to compensate the online pass, and people with multiple ps3's benefitting from 1 online pass. It's pretty hard to be opposed to the online pass concept when it costs the consumer nothing and even saves people money... So sorry most of us that actually see the benefits of it don't agree with you. No need to be a prick about it, specially when there is nothing bad about the system in place.

    Now this is all rumor and speculation. I want confirmed information from Sony. And if it's anything like the Vita setup which everyone got wrong. You can play used games.
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