Hey you guys. A question again.

Do you know any shmups for PS3? I recently got this

Now PvZ is obviously the tits! But it comes with 2 extra games, Peggle and Heavy Weapon.

Heavy weapon made me remember just how much I love shoot-em-ups. It's a mix of horizontal side-scrolling shmup with a twin stick shooter, and it plays awesome!

So I'm psyched, I wanted more! I brought up my old ps2 discs of Raiden 3 and Gradius 4, and played the hell out of 'em again.

So... do you know any shmups for PS3? More specifically I'm looking for games that got a full release (physical copy). I know of many that are on PSN.

Any kind will do, horizontal side-scrolling shmup / vertical shmup, whatever! Even if they're a part of a collection