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Capcom's Better Business Bureau Rating Drops Due To DLC Fiasco

This is a discussion on Capcom's Better Business Bureau Rating Drops Due To DLC Fiasco within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Congratulations gamers. Pat yourselves on the back. Drink a cold one and high-five whichever buddy is closest to you. You've ...

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    Capcom's Better Business Bureau Rating Drops Due To DLC Fiasco

    Congratulations gamers. Pat yourselves on the back. Drink a cold one and high-five whichever buddy is closest to you. You've earned it. That's right, score one for righteous gamers and radical consumers the world around, you've effectively put a dent in
    Capcom's Better Business Bureau rating

    Effectively, the company's rating has dropped down three whole grades from an A+ down to a B. They now have more than 42 closed complaints with 40 of those being resolved with the assistance of the Better Business Bureau and more than 36 complaints closed within the last 12 months. This is up from the company's previous 10 complaints as of April 3rd, as reported by

    Originally we reported about gamers who came forward and were willing to work with us to help expose Capcom's shady practices by printing their Better Business Bureau responses from Capcom online. This included
    Capcom's first response
    to disc-locked content, as well as
    Capcom's second response
    regarding the lack of the pair-play feature for the Xbox 360. I'm sure having to
    pay for the ending
    Asura's Wrath also may have had something to do with it, too.

    The outpouring of rage and the build up of surmountable discontent came forward in a united, visceral scream from the charred throats of incensed, hurt and beleaguered gamers. In other words, we whined and the Better Business Bureau listened.

    While websites like IGN put us down for our sense of "entitlement", and people like Michael Pachter badgered us for our protests, it all amounted to something tangible in the end, kind of.

    While the rating doesn't say a whole lot about Capcom, the fact that in just a few short days they went from an A+ rating down to a B (and I wouldn't doubt that they'll hit a B- soon) shows that we can at least make a difference from a public relations standpoint.

    The reason the rating dropped so quickly is because of the outpouring of all the complaints gamers came together to file. Video game consumers have become fed up, they've become tired of the business-oriented bull crap and they've decided to do something about it.

    At this point it's tough to say if any of this will make a difference but I can at least speak from my own position that it feels like a win against something that almost seemed impenetrable. The NPD results for the sales of Street Fighter X Tekkenthroughout March should be telling. We also really won't know how much it's hurt Capcom until the PS Vita version launches this fall along with the 12 additional DLC characters. In the meantime, chalk up one win for gamers.

    As always, stay classy Capcom...stay classy.
    This is definitely a long time coming and was wondering to God why this never happened sooner.

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    This Disc-locked DLC Fiasco is worse than Day 1 DLC, They sure deserve this.
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    Bout time but doubt this will change their business practice...
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    Well it is about time the people of Crapcom are made out to be what they are.

    First they promise DLC characters for MvC3. Then they decide there is more profit in instead of keeping their promise, they just throw all the characters on a new disk and throw the word Ultimate before the title.

    Then they put characters on SFxT and have the DLC codes as nothing more then 100 KB unlocks. They are ready...why aren't they in the store?...Why plan on making us spend 20 bucks to get the characters???

    Then Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City comes out. Statistics page in the game already shows the new characters prior to release. The game releases with a DLC trophy list tied into it. Then they promise the DLC will be free and available in two weeks that they didn't have enough time to throw it on the disc prior to production even though it is the real "ending" to the game, understandable. Instead, they cut the DLC into a DLC Demo, slap the word prologue on it and pass it off as the free DLC they promised. Instead they are going to say they kept their word with the free DLC and will release the REAL DLC down the line at a price between 4.99 and 9.99.

    If Crapcom weren't some of the biggest tools in the world, they would still own good series' rights such as Devil May Cry. Instead even the people working for Crapcom see the bullshit and leave to be part of another organization like the one who invented the Devil May Cry series did when he left to join Ninja Theory who now has no choice BUT to reinvent the series as a new standalone type of series.

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    Remember when Capcom actually made good games? I can, but its becoming a to harder to do so now than it use to be. I hope they learn from this but I know they won't. Here's hoping their rating goes down even further.
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    Video Game Writer: "Oh snap, I found some relatively obscure Capcom negative story, about how their grade has dropped with the Better Business Bureau in which instead of 100% of their complaints being resolved, a shockingly low 95% have been resolved and they have dropped from an A+ rating to a B! Time to write article about how horrible Capcom is and capitalize off of the overblown internet hate fest against them and profit from the sweet hits on our website!"

    Don't like it? Stop buying the games.
    Turns out too many of us can't, and we just have to go and grab our torches and pitchforks.

    You'd think by the tone of the article and the explanation afterwards that they dropped from a A+ to an F. Way to blow things out of proportion as usual video game media.

    2 years ago, Capcom was in danger of disappearing forever and in serious danger of closing it's doors for good. Changes needed to be made to cause them to stay afloat, and Capcom made them. Were all of them favorable for everybody? No. But Capcom turned itself from a company that was in teetering close to laying off thousands of employees into one that was able to hire employees with it's methods.

    But hey, fuck those people and their jobs right? I want my extra characters that are on a disk in a video game I bought. I want an ending that satisfies me completely. I want my franchises to unfold the way I want to, and for them to only be released on consoles that I want to. The sense of entitlement and amount of bitching from people who just want, want, want, to this point is nauseatingly selfish. If you don't like it - stop buying their games - but according to a lot of the sales, it seems a lot of the hypocrites who are screaming how badly Capcom is raping them of their mighty dollar, can't seem to resist. Go figure.

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