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I love my library.

This is a discussion on I love my library. within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Denaratuck Hahaha, well put. I know there are quite a few of us on the site that ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denaratuck View Post
    Hahaha, well put. I know there are quite a few of us on the site that have a rather large library of games ourselves. Mine is easily over 100 games and I keep adding to it trying to catch ant1th3s1s but I think its almost impossible to due so.
    Indeed.... 142 games in my collection last time i counted, besides i like to keep my games and not give it back.. it would be like having to hand over my cute little kitty cat to a Chinese person with a cleaver in his hand promising me he will take good care of it......
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    I haven't been to the library for ages so things could have changed but no they don't have games to rent. You can rent movies and cds at the Tafe library though, just need a Tafe card.

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    2,- for 3 weeks...
    but i never use that service, rather buy 'm

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    jeez, if my library were renting out video games for free, TWO things would happen:

    1. Disc would be so scratched-up it would deem the game Unplayable.

    2. the more popular games would never be return cause so ass decided to loan a rented game to someone else and then disappears from radar ( too bad the person who rented it have to pay the fee).

    You know, that just reminded me of a book I somehow never returned since back in 1993. God, by my calculation i owe the library about $693.50

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    Quote Originally Posted by simdog View Post
    Just rented Prototype 2 and Dead Island today for free.

    Got Darkness 2 Last week, Now Dead Island and Prototype 2 (didn't it come out this week!?) To bad 1 week is to short for me to platinum, I really wanted the darkness 2 platinum, will have to pick up again to complete. Does your libraries rent games out for free?
    I heard about some libraries doing that. Unfortunaly no, mine dont do that

    If they did, i would donate my whole collection (NO JOKE).
    I have a huge collection, as i am the library for my friends. All i would ask is that the local gamers take care of the games, and i get some compensation (i buy off craigslist, so i get games for cheap and in huge bundles.)

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