Mahalo posted a sneak peek video of the bonus Last Guardian footage included with The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

The video features commentary from designers Fumito Ueda and Junichi Hosono.

“Animals possess a very wide, universal appeal,” said Ueda, in reference to Last Guardian‘s Trico creature. “I thought about maybe recreating an actual animal like a cat or a dog. But then people who own that animal would only notice what’s wrong or off or different from their own pet.

“The PS3 has allowed us to go above and beyond that [the PS2] to achieve something even closer to reality. We even have individual feathers on the creature, which is something we couldn’t do on the PS2.”

It’s not a long clip–about 3-minutes–but it’s definitely something to watch. This game shrieks of pure beauty.


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