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Difficulty in Games...

This is a discussion on Difficulty in Games... within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; If you have 40mins to spare check out this video about the difficulty of games. Whether games should be easy ...

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    Difficulty in Games...

    If you have 40mins to spare check out this video about the difficulty of games. Whether games should be easy or hard how to balance etc. Uses Dark souls as a good example.

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    Okay, I watched it, and it's a good video...apart from the stupid and annoying intro.

    I haven't read the Dark Souls review that's the main focus of this video, but I've heard about it and it sounds ridiculous. I mean, when a game advertises itself by saying "You Will Die", you kinda' expect it to be a challenge But I suppose it was probably the whole "how hard can it actually be?"...then he got his ass kicked and wasn't used to that from games he's previously played.

    The thing about Demon's/Dark Souls is, well from my point of view anyway, it wasn't made for casual gamers, it was made for people who actually like a challenge. I mean, it's not really fun when you complete a game without any trouble at all. And I'm not the only one who's completed many games without even dying. Those games don't stick with you for very long.

    And the whole; making games easier for casual gamers is BS!!! Why ruin games for people who won't be playing it often, or playing the sequel, etc. Games should be made for the fans, not for making more money... But of course it isn't like that, or at least it's vary rare (Demon's/Dark Souls )

    Anyway, this post probably isn't very well constructed, but you get my point

    Bring out more games that actually provide a challenge, where the AI is actually smart so you have to think, rather than just walking through the game without even having to worry what's going to happen next, and where boss battles actually take time and make that EPIC looking monster worthy of looking so bad ass. Games that don't provide a challenge just aren't exciting. I know I got really pumped for Dark Souls when it was advertised as, well, going to kick my ass!

    Games that actually get your heart going, turn out to be amazing games.

    And done

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