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Rumor: dead space 3 has co-op

This is a discussion on Rumor: dead space 3 has co-op within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by drjackel666 co op story mode could be fun and could show resident evil how to do it ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjackel666 View Post
    co op story mode could be fun and could show resident evil how to do it right.
    How did Resident Evil do it wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curse View Post
    What the fuck is wrong with people? The rumor suggests ruining the whole atmosphere of the game by adding human enemies, and you moan about co-op instead?

    0mg I h8 EA!!11!21!!!
    This. Co-op and multiplayer is shit but so long as I can ignore it like I could in Dead Space 2 then I couldn't care less. Adding in humans and cover based stuff is just bullshit. I can deal with the action survival horror games. Resi 4 and Dead Space 1 and 2 are both great. It will probably still be a good game just as Resident Evil 5 was but the horror and atmosphere was totally lacking in Resi 5 and this could go a similar route with human enemies.

    Just rumours for now though so fingers crossed.

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    Will this game be added to the list of "games that was ruined because of their new co-op option?"

    For me, i cant stand to play zombie games like this by myself. I know these things are aliens, but from what i have seen (movie) the aliens take over dead bodies. Anyway, if it has story co op, i am for that. If it has multiplayer kill each other, then no thanks.

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    Just dont add Co-op trophies and ill be ok
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    Fucking stupid news. People seriously don't really that true horror comes in subtle ways, not gore and guts. The Silent Hill franchise is a great example. It may be gorey, but the scares are legit and the way it does so is awesome. It creeps out behind you and worms its way into your skin. The way Dead Space does it scares may make you jump, but you won't stay with you.

    Adding co-op just shows that they're drifting further from this.

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