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How many hours a day of play to get 50 plus plats

This is a discussion on How many hours a day of play to get 50 plus plats within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I think most acquired it over a couple of years. Gaming is not a chore, take it easy, enjoy and ...

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    I think most acquired it over a couple of years. Gaming is not a chore, take it easy, enjoy and don't burn yourself out.

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    People usualy go with easy games to get most of the plats like heavy rain. Bravo to those gamers that have 50+ platinums and manage their gaming time from working to free time. Someone who just sits all day playing games is a big shame imo.

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    since my first platinum in in Nov 09 i have generally got approximately 2 plats a month while also playing game to high completion % in order for me to enjoy a wide variety of games I play usually to get 70% of the trophy count if I enjoy the game I see what trophies are left to get and set a time scale to achieve them. If they are like get lvl 50 online i dont bother I prefer to play new games then slog out levelling up and wasting them gaming hrs for the platinum but kudos for those who do. My time is limited and precious (although my wife says I play too much 4-5 hrs after work imo not too much better then going spending in the pub as an alternative) since introduced to the trophies in '09 I have played over 250 games and since getting my 50th platinum in september 11 has set a target of 25 a year once i get 25 will play some of the long grinding games that I'll know I'll enjoy but dont commit to.

    Games to add for quick plats are Megamind no more than 2.5hrs if done correctly, pictionary, marvel comic combat and instant artist (last 3 do need a tablet but games take approxiamately 6 hrs each) easy platinums Saboteur, Godfather 2 and any kids games like shrek, where the wild things are, ice age, ben 10 etc.

    I use renting as my source for new game and since introduced online passes has somewhat limited my online game which doesnt bother me as if enjoyed the game i tend to buy at a later date when the game hits 20 or less eg Ninja Gaiden 3 and same for the upcoming Max Payne 3 (cant wait) and Ill probably buy that in a month time when the price drops also.

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    Easy plats = Easily high numbers...Hannah Montana, NCIS, CSI, Megamind, Kung Fu Panda...5 plats right there for you in a weeks worth of time.

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    If you want 50+ platinums play all the kid or easy games.Or manage to have time to finish up good games
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