Sony Computer Entertainment released their 2011 fiscal year earnings report this evening & with it comes updated hardware figures for their home consoles & portable – Sony’s 2011 fiscal year ran from April 2011 until the end of March 2012.

The PlayStation Portable continues to sell strongly across the world as the portable managed to sell an impressive 6.8 million units during the fiscal year bringing lifetime sales up to 76.3 million. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t release any sales figures for the PlayStation Vita in their report; however they hope to sell 16 million handhelds (PSP+Vita) during their 2012 fiscal year.

On the home console front, Sony’s PS3 was the best-selling home console moving 13.9 million units, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 13.6 million & Nintendo’s Wii sold 9.84 in the same timeframe. Since the PS3 launch in 2006, Sony's home console has sold 63.9 million units worldwide, meanwhile Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sits in second place at 67.2 & Nintendo’s Wii rests comfortably at 95.85 million.

The true king of the home console remains Sony’s PS2 which continues to sell well worldwide. During Sony’s 2011 fiscal year, the PS2 moved 4.1 million units bringing lifetime sales to a staggering 155.1 million to date. Very impressive considering the system hasn’t received much software support since 2007.

come on sony, why arn't you showing vita sales?

is there something wrong with them?