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so... i'm not allowed to ask any questions on a website for video games?
i shouldn't even begin to flame, so i won't.
No, by all means flame. You could have either posted this in the forum of these game titles, or took a few minutes to google the game titles in question. ANother option is to rent or buy the game title and try it out yourself. With many places have a return policy.

Its perfectly fine that you asked your questions, but in my opinion, its a waste of time.

Asking which came first is a fine question. Anyone that wanted to know this could use their internet to answer it
Is it really that hard? Its a matter of opinion, but most people say yes to this question.
Game play is hard to describe in my opinion, as its a hack n slash 3rd person rpg. The answer your looking for on this question is much easily answered watching gameplay and figuring it out yourself
and lastly the story.... Many people dont play it long enough to find out. Again, watching some vids with out any spoilers would answer that question much more easier.

So really, all these questions you could (and should) have answered yourself, before being lazy and just coming up with any kind of topic.