Sitting on 43.1% overall completion. The 9 (2 untouched ATM) PS4 games have likely brought down that number significantly but I reckon I should be able to get all of those games up to high percentages/100%/platinum. I'm currently working on upping my PS3 games as much as possible while I can, so I'm working on Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and maybe Call of Duty MW3/FIFA to bring the number back up.

There are some PS3 games where I can earn a few trophies for each possibly - a bronze here, a gold there...but I'm still deciding whether it's worth the effort. Most of the PS3 games I've put an effort into are between 60-100%, some being platinums. I brought NFS Hot Pursuit up from something like 8% to 45% and still working on it so should be able to get that to 70%-ish, but the plat would be impossible as I already redeemed online pass on old account.

I also intend to get 40+ PS4 games so that'll be fun for my percentage.. :/