Curse, why Dolan?! Get him outta here! All of memebase wants him dead

Am i the only one concerned about the bigger picture of EA quite literally being in the process of monopolizing the game publishing industry?! This is UFC. UFC is still in its heyday and the title "UFC" is worth a fuckload of money for EA. With Origin sparking up, pushing games in the ios/android market, and SOOOO many dev contracts for just about every platform u can think of, theyre just raking it in. And what are they doing with all that money? I dunno, it sure isnt put into any of the 2010 sports servers. Are the 2011 ones even still up???
meanwhile, small time devs and pubs with a small budget manage to keep ghost town servers up just in case some ppl happen to pop in for a game. EA is getting too big, which is scary because the ppl calling the shots there dont give a rats ass about the consumer. Dana White had the right idea, and i wish he didnt give in. I dont play MMA games so im not talking about the quality of the game of its advertising campaign, which will be stellar im sure, i mean i dont agree with EA acquiring another big contract cuz they take advantage of things like this and rape the consumer more and more