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5 Most Anticipated Games

This is a discussion on 5 Most Anticipated Games within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; 1.The Last of us 2.Tomb Raider 3. Beyond (Ellen Page as voice actor )...

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    1.The Last of us
    2.Tomb Raider
    3. Beyond (Ellen Page as voice actor )
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    My top 5)

    1) Dishonored - No game came out of left field, and showed me more than what I have seen with Dishonored. The creators have said it was inspired by games like Bioshock, Thief, and Deux Ex, and it shows. I've seen three separate game play demos of the same section of the game, that all played completely differently. It's one thing to say that your game's objectives are going to have 3-8 possible ways to tackle a situation, but to show it and make it absolutely inarguable that it's true, is simply amazing. To hear the tales about how in testing that the people who played the game have devised ways to solve certain issues and usage of the powers to find ways that the devs never dreamed of to progress in the game - makes me giddy. Oh and let's just throw in that it has an open power tree that let's you decide how you want to build your character up, and you've got a new IP that makes me tick off the days until I can jump into Dunwall, and unveil the story and powers of the spiritual assassin Corvo.

    2) Resident Evil 6 - I am one of the people who really enjoyed Resident Evil 5, and had a blast with it. This was the first truly deep co-op experience for me on this generation and was one of the front runners to why we see such a heavy emphasis on cooperative experiences being put into games (Borderlands probably the other standard barer). To get to play through this game and see you have 6 characters to play as, in 3 differently set-up suspenseful settings is quite intriguing. I enjoyed a lot of what I have seen with the pacing and combat options that are being added to the series, pair that up with the gritty dark feeling of a world that has turned black - I like what I see. Sure there's a lot of huge over the top set pieces, and action sequences that are about as believable as the series' zombie origin explanations. But this game looks to be setting up to be a lot of fun, with a quicker pace, and more co-op fun that made the last game special to me.

    3) The Last of Us - Well, game play is what we wanted, and game play is what we got. The game does have a lot of the look and feel of Uncharted, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The UI, the environment, the character models and their sizes, all felt very familiar; and why shouldn't they? Naughty Dog has shown this generation that they have vaulted themselves to the front as one of the best developers in the world, and this game looks as if it's going to continue onto that brand of excellence. I am intrigued as to what the story, it's direction, and turns are, and how the characters came to be in the situation in which they are in. The foul mouthed teenage girl and the gory explicit violence are just bonuses that make me wonder how this more mature oriented title will deal with the adult content that you can only tackle with a mature type game can deliver, and see where it takes us. Everything I saw, at the least, met expectations and those expectations were very high to begin with.

    4) Tomb Raider - Finally, gaming's original female bad ass has joined the current generation. Crystal Dynamics has taken a franchise that has been marred by staleness, and inability to exceed it's own game play which hasn't been innovated for over 15 years. To do a reboot, and still make it recognizable is a difficult task for some, but after watching the game play, it's still Lara Croft underneath all that change. The game looks to play a lot like Uncharted, so it's one of those the teacher is learning from the student who surpassed the teacher situations. Loved the bow, loved the grit and dialogue, loved the big action sequences. This game might be bordering a bit close to over the top, in terms of what it is delivering, but seeing how the game has had the reigns held in for so long, I'm going to give it a bit of leeway on where it goes.

    5) Beyond: Two Souls - I loved Heavy Rain, and felt it was the Game of the Year in 2010. To see another exclusive for the PlayStation 3 by Quantic Dream makes me quite excited. This game looks like it is going to push the system to it's graphically limits. I do have some questions and wonder how the game will play out, and evolve from it's predecessor. Hopefully this time the "Choose Your Own Adventure" novelty won't be the only thing that the game offers, and the hints of some interesting action scenes will play out a little more. There are lot of interesting possibilities on how this symbiotic relationship of Jodie and Ivan will play out, that hopefully leads to your decision making being along the lines of doing things "the Jodie way" or "the Ivan way." The announcement has got my mind racing, and I know that when it comes to story, Quantic Dream is top notch in that department, it's the evolution of game play that has my intrigued about this title's possibilities and has me hopeful that this title might be able to tackle it's possibilities of being a generation defining title.

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