Hey guys, so when silent hill downpour first came out I saw a lot of complaints about various issues with the game, being a huge fan of the series though I really wanted to play it but decided a rent would be safer for such a controversial title. So I rented the game for the 360, played it installed, and really enjoyed it. I ran into very few problems (the occasional stutter just when the auto save would go off) but nothing really off-setting or game breaking. I played through 2 times and got all the achievements, satisifed that I would later buy the game. Yesterday, I bought a copy of downpour for the ps3, wanting to get the trophies and earn myself a platinum, but on this version the framerate/constant stuttering/texture pop-ins are ridiculous compared to the 360 version, to the point I've stopped playing like 10 minutes in. I was also planning on getting the SH collection on the ps3, but I heard the problems its having, especially the ps3 version, are beyond ridiculous. After digging around the internet, I saw that at the end of april konami released a statement saying that they were aware of the issues and would be patching both in the coming weeks, and here it is, mid-June, and there still has yet to be a patch for either game. What the hell is this? I paid full price for a game that's so incredibly broken I can't even get through 10 minutes, so now I have to decide wether to try and sell it and get some of my money back or wait for a patch that may or may not fix the games many issues and may not ever even come out, I have a feeling people with the SH collection are also in the same predictment? I know its not just me having these issues as the internet has been a buzz about it, does anyone know something I don't or have any information on these supposed patches? In there statement it said for downpour they'd be fixing some auto-save issue which I don't seem to have ever run into, are they going to be doing anything to fix the constent stuttering/frame rate drops/texture pop-ins, or should I just abandon my ps3 version and go back to the 360 one? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.