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Lasombra Files: Episode 8: Socrates Johnson, dude

This is a discussion on Lasombra Files: Episode 8: Socrates Johnson, dude within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I’m back in the US of A tracking down the legend that is “Billy the Kid” Kid. It was a ...

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    Lasombra Files: Episode 8: Socrates Johnson, dude

    I’m back in the US of A tracking down the legend that is “Billy the Kid” Kid. It was a long trip here in the DeLorean and to be honest I don’t think the time machine worked but I’m hopeful. The used car dealer never told me how to get my plutonium so I just threw in whatever junk I could find like Doc Brown did. That would probably explain why the fire department is now on its way, but at least I made it. Although I should have taken Bill and Ted’s offer of a phone booth ride...Sit back and strap yourselves in for Episode 8: Socrates Johnson, dude.

    Disclaimer: This interview is reproduced as written by the interviewee with the exception of spelling and some grammar corrections. Picture copyright of its artist/photographer.

    Name: John Michael
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Self Employed Construction Worker and single father of 3 kids 12, 13, and 15
    Country: Good 'ol U S of A

    Lasombra: When did you start gaming?

    Kid420: Umm I believe I started around 1982 or '83. I got my first Atari 2600 and played Defender, Pac-Man, and Moon Patrol. I had one of those controllers with a tick and a red button, man I went through a ton of those.

    Lasombra: How did you choose your PSN name?

    Kid420: I've had it since about 2005 or so. It's simple really, Kid is cuz I look younger than my age. 420 is due to my enjoyment of the herb, and 247 is just 24/7 but '/' aren't allowed in Id's.

    Lasombra: What motivated you to become a trophy hunter? What was your initial spark?

    Kid420: Honestly, I blame it all on Achievements. I couldn't afford a PS3 when they first came out, but I still had my 360 though. So I spent 3 years collecting them, ending with about 45k gamerscore. When I could finally afford a PS3, it was only natural that I would get hooked on Trophies.

    Lasombra: Are you a trophy hunter, platinum hunter, or a specific hunter? (Example: All GoW game hunter)

    Kid420: Trophy Hunter for sure. I know people love their Plats, but it's more about all the different games I can play. Majority of the 160+ games I've played have been rentals so some only got 3 or 4 days at the most. Others were pure crap (Rogue Warrior) or way too intense (Dead Souls)

    Lasombra: How many hours do you dedicate to trophy hunting?

    Kid420: I only get to game around 11pm til 2 or 3 am.

    Lasombra: What motivates you to go for that next trophy? How do you stay motivated after a long gaming session, particularly with grinding trophies?

    Kid420: LOL, I'm so not the person to ask. I usually have a plan when I get a new game, experience the story, get what trophies I can. If I enjoy it enough I will play a 2nd time, maybe get the plat.

    Lasombra: Have you ever gone through any burnout from your sessions?

    Kid420: No, more like I can't game enough.

    Lasombra: What is your proudest platinum? Why? Was it your hardest?

    Kid420: Nier, easily. I don't know why more people don't have it. I loved the game, and blew through all the playthroughs and enjoyed it. Short of some medium loot hunting it was really enjoyable. I doubt you could say I do "hard" plats.

    Lasombra: Do you have a trophy goal for the year? If so, how far are you along in it?

    Kid420: Well last year it was to reach 4k trophies. I was heading that way and then had to sell my PS3 in November cuz of the electric bill. I plan on getting one again real soon though.

    Lasombra: Do you believe gamers should be allowed to make trophy hunting teams? Why or why not?

    Kid420: I'm in no position to talk about teams and what not. My son has played on my profile numerous times. Mainly cuz I can't stand online gaming and he can't play online with his account. Majority of any MP trophies I have are due to him.

    Lasombra: Do you think Sony should create a world database with every user’s PSN trophy info for all to see? Why or why not?

    Kid420: Wouldn't matter to me, I'd still spend all my time here.

    Lasombra: What tips do you have for someone trying to reach the next level and going after a difficult platinum?

    Kid420: You don't want my advice about plat hunting. If I could give advice as a gamer of close to 30 years, it would be....Enjoy the game for what it is, an escape from real life. Oh, and as far as levels go, just ignore them after 15 or so, paying attention to how long it takes will drive you crazy.

    Lasombra: Regardless of the system, what pre-trophy game would you auto-buy if it was released on the PS3 with trophy support?

    Kid420: Vagrant Story for the PS1 or Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Lasombra: Being a father of three teenagers, have your children started to partake in the family business of trophy hunting?

    Kid420: My kids have been gaming since they were 2. I'd unplug a Playstation controller and have them sit with me while I gamed. Kyle (15) is into anything I play... RPG's, Action, Fighters, some FPs. He has a Wii that they all share, and he has his own PSP. Kevin (13) is into Minecraft as of late, but he likes FPS way more than me, and he's a ton better at them as well. He has a 360 that I have taken over for the time being. Natalie (12) is into Sims alot, and she loves to play Nintendogs. Other than that she plays Angry Birds too. She has a DSi, and she plays the Wii more than the others.

    Lasombra: Since your three children are in that age group that the media thinks games will turn into mindless psychopaths, as a father what is your opinion on the violence in video game debate? Would you let your 12 year-old play a game like Resident Evil, as a random example?

    Kid420: Honestly I don't see the problem. It all depends on how you interact with your kids. Kevin and Kyle have played RE and GTA whenever they wanted. If I played a game, more than likely they played it to. But my kids know the difference between real life and video games. My kids aren't violent by any means, and they've played every violent game out there. Now if you want to talk about how it makes them fat and lazy, then yes, I see a direct correlation. You have to force them to get up and do shit, otherwise they won't ever move.

    Lasombra: Have you tackled any co-op trophies with your children?

    Kid420: Most of all my Lego plats were done with one or more of my kids. Truth be told, if I have any online mp trophies for a FPS, then they were most likely done by Kevin. He's the FPS guy, I don't care for them, and I really dislike online gaming. (Except for Borderlands) All of my Beatles Rock Band trophies were done with the whole family. Kyle is the drummer of the group, Kevin is the bassist, I play guitar and Natalie is the singer. Might be the most fun I've had with a game as far as co-op goes. If I'm being honest, I'd say that of the almost 4k trophies, Kevin got me a couple hundred, Nat and Kyle got another 50-75.

    No, I don’t have car insurance. No, I am not on drugs. That white powder? That’s just snow from the sky I picked up in a baggie. It is the 80’s right? Still 2012? My nose is bleeding? Oh, well Miss Officer, it's just because I find you incredibly attractive in your tight uniform. Well viewers, it looks like I’m going to be in jail. But once I get out we are going to be hitting the dance floor in Episode 9: Saturday Night Fever! Listen, it was entirely Bill and Ted’s fault. They needed help with their history report by interviewing Billy the Kid. Can't I get a kiss before you put me in the can?

    Love it, Hate it, write in the comments below and be heard by the community.

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    Nice Interview there guys . Speaking of Neir, I love RPGs, but I hated it. Controls were fucking whack, and I couldn't get past one little beginning thing. Did enjoy killing some animals down in some valley place, but that got boring and I quit paying it. I probably could start again, but it didn't hold any appeal to me and regret buying it day one like I did, so gratz to you for that plat .

    Keep up the good work Lasombra.


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    Another homie interview!!
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    Awesome interview!! Great to see the kids (gamers) in training Great job once again!!

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    Nice to seen another interview. I haven't seen yo on the PSN recently KID!

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    Nice interview, Lasombra. You can practically hear the choruses of "You killed me!", "No you did!", and "Let's play something else" in the family room.

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    Another good interview

    One think I'd like to point out though; I think you should put the interviewees forum name in the start somewhere, and make it stand out from the bold in a colour maybe?

    Anyway, keep them coming.

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    Another interview. Nice to meet a fellow non-competionist! xD

    As for Neir, you're just more skilled than some of us. Me, I gave up on the plat due to the stupid item hunting for weapon upgrades. Drove me crazy.
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    Fantastic interview guys! I had no idea it was Kid! Sounds like you get the most enjoyment out of your games than almost anyone I've spoken to on here. Congrats on the interview.

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    Great interview, Lasombra! I really enjoyed reading about kid (a fellow herbalist friend ). This was a really great interview. Kid, I think that's so cool that all of your kids are into gaming too and that they play with you a lot. Hopefully you'll be able to get a PS3 again soon!

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    Great interview and always good to hear from the .


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    Nice interview, u right Nier is awesome xD
    What a happy family gaming together

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    Great interview, and I agree with Chambers.

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    Great interview! Can't wait to see your PS3 back to normal as well. Keep going bro!

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    Oh it's one of the s that I know Great interview as always
    Nier I was planning on picking that up a long time ago. I guess it completely went out of my mind

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    Great interview guys,it was a great read.I actually didnt know who it was at first and then it all became clear.Based on one of your answers Kid,it seems like your an awesome dad and who sets a great example to his kids and you should be proud dude.Nice job again guys

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    Excellent interview, good to read about a legend such as Kid

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    Great interview, it was fun to know a bit more about his childrens.

    Quote Originally Posted by john3007 View Post
    Based on one of your answers Kid,it seems like your an awesome dad and who sets a great example to his kids and you should be proud dude.
    I second that.

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    Yay, an interview with my pal Kid!

    It's nice getting to know the behind the scene of Kid and his family.

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    Nice interview again! Nice to know more about kid.
    I remember playing Borderlands mp with your son once. Sucks that you had to sell your PS3 though. Thats why I havent seen you online that long..

    Gonna do a wild guess for the next interview. Is it John3007? I just link his name to John Travolta (Saturday night fever).
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