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I bought the PS2 version for my daughter shortly after it came out. She loved playing it. I wasn't fortunate enough to get to play it myself. Sad to say she no longer has it. Her dumb ass boyfriend, now exboyfriend took it and some of her anime that I bought her and traded them in so he could get a game for himself. She never told me until after he was put in jail. Such a dumb ass.

I am another one that hopes that it comes out as a physical copy besides the digital. I want it for my collection. She will probably visit more after I get it. lol
dude, its is any awesome...you should have come to your fellow Trophy Brothers and sisters...and we would have def gotten the game, his cash and something extra from your trouble back...

but i am a lil jealous of you, cause i will never to have a 1st time experince with it..Enjoy friend..