I can use the normal controller that came with my PS3 just fine on PS2 games. None of my other controllers work however. Besides the normal one that came with my PS3, I have a Rock Band drumset and guitar, a PS2/PS3 Guitar Hero guitar (didn't come with a Guitar Hero game), and a third party (I'm guessing) controller my dad found a while back. All of them work perfectly on all my PS3 games, but they do not work at all on PS2 games. They simply do not activate or respond. It sucks because I can't play my PS2 Guitar Hero games at all on my PS3 (well I can with the regular non-guitar controller but that's not fun), and I can't play multiplayer on any other game. I don't know the brand of the controller, so I took a picture of it to assist anyone trying to help me out:

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Is there any way for me to get any of these controllers to work for PS2 games?