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Ever Have A "I Can't Believe I Just Did That" Moment While Gaming?

This is a discussion on Ever Have A "I Can't Believe I Just Did That" Moment While Gaming? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Either a good one (omg, lolz, epic shot, that was awesome, I can't believe I did that etc) or a ...

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    Ever Have A "I Can't Believe I Just Did That" Moment While Gaming?

    Either a good one (omg, lolz, epic shot, that was awesome, I can't believe I did that etc) or a bad one (wtf, really etc).
    For Example: (In my case, a bad one).

    I was showing off MGS3 (HD Collection) to my casual friend, he was enjoying it. I kept on & kept on playing for hours without a save. I got all the way to the point where the Hind Chopper should be & in all my decade of MGS3 gaming, I decided to use the death pill for the first time to fool an alert phase... few seconds later I hit continue. -_-

    (instead of using the Revival Pill). brought me back to the menu & like I said I never saved.
    & I looked at him & was like..well shit, that sucks. *PS3 shutdown*.


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    Mine is a bad one too.

    I killed somebody, for no reason what-so-ever in DayZ.
    I feel completely awful, like I actually killed him. Not even joking, I still feel bad, even after 4 hours after the murder.
    What was even worse is he didn't have any loot on him! But...he had it coming! I asked if friendly, and he ignored me, and
    picked up an Enfield next to me, and continued to ignore I a bad person?! O.o
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    I just had one actually.

    I was racing one of the harder challenges in Modnation Racers Road Trip and I needed to place first without falling off the track. Well I was in 6th place and was nearing the finish line when I picked up a third level power-up. I shot the lightening then hit the boost. I was boosting recklessly and accidentally hit the side of the track which propelled me in the air.

    Now my lightening had hit 4 of the other cars and I landed in front of them on another item orb. I shot the missile and hit the first place car and boosted across the finish line unlocking the challenge.

    It was just a really cool (and lucky) moment


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    One gaming memory sticks out from my old Counter-Strike 1.3 days. A mate and I snuck off from Uni to an internet gaming bunker at lunchtime. The guys there were playing CS in an 8 on 8 match on DE_Dust and we joined in the action.

    In one round my team was wiped, leaving me alone to take down 6 or 7 Counter-terrorists. I managed to carve a path through the map pulling off lucky kills at every corner and the place was going nuts.

    It came down to one last guy who was camping near the CT spawn site. I feinted one direction to draw fire then ran around the other way, jumped over his shots and stabbed him fair in the noggin.

    Unfortunately it was the weak swipe attack not the heavy stab - I'm a lefty and usually have the L & R buttons swapped and picked the wrong one. He managed to knock off my remaining few HP before I got in another hit. FFFFFFUUUUU!

    Had I pulled it off I would have stood up, taken a bow and left a hero. Instead, I skulked away in shame for pressing the wrong mouse button.

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    One day when I was making music in LBP2, I made one full song I came up with and saved it. When I made the second song, I was playing that and the previous song, and I turned off the game because I went to inFamous 2. When I got back to LBP2, expecting both songs, the second one wasn't there. That's when I realized I didn't save after I finished the song.

    Since then I've almost never made that mistake again. I loved that song and I can never repeat everything I did in it.

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    I'd say my most memorable online moment was in UC2 multiplayer. It was a team deathmatch with and the score was at 49-48, my team losing (playing to 50) as two players from the other team just gang-banged my teammate and decided to both spam the 'Pump' taunt in glory of their kill. As they were both in the midst of taunting, I was in a high-ground position with my Dragon Sniper and sniped both of the assholes in the balls for my team's win. Twas awesome.

    I've also had my fair share of fails, most notably in Demon's Souls, though there's always moments in every game when you just feel like a complete n00b.

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    Just playing Demon's souls....

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    I lost 8 hours in FFVII one time, my nieghbor was cutting a tree down and it fell down the wrong way, hitting the powr lines that connected to my house. I was grinding the last of my materia so I could fight the Weapons, so much time wasted.

    Also while playing WKC I hit GR15 and I just simply quit my game without saving, another 8 hours lost

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    besides falling asleep I was in the bathroom and I forgot to pause it and also during sex my girl was getting mad at me cause I was more into the game then into pleasing her

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