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Splinter Cell Blacklist Release Possibly leaked by Amazon UK

This is a discussion on Splinter Cell Blacklist Release Possibly leaked by Amazon UK within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Recently on Amazon's UK site there was a possible leak of info on when Splinter Cell: Blacklist will release. We ...

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    Splinter Cell Blacklist Release Possibly leaked by Amazon UK

    Recently on Amazon's UK site there was a possible leak of info on when Splinter Cell: Blacklist will release. We first saw Splinter Cell Blacklist at E3 when it was first revealed at Microsofts Press Conference. So according to Amazon's UK website Splinter Cell: Blacklist is suppose to release on March 29th, 2013. Splinter Cell: Blacklist puts you in the shoes of Sam Fisher the leader of First Echelon. Spliter Cell Blacklist is a sequel to the Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell Conviction. Another thing that was revealed was a Splinter Cell Blacklist "Upper Echelon" Limited Edition.

    Now according to Amazon's UK site the Limited Edition Contains the following things.

    -An A2 map of the game's conflict zone
    -Bonus Digital Content
    -An Upper Echelon suit that contains "Five Armour Pieces with a unique visual and damage protection bonus"
    -Special Goggles
    -A Bonus Mission
    All of these things are packaged in an exclusive Splinter Cell: Blacklist Steelbook
    Below is a picture of the Upper Echelon Limited Edition

    Please leave feedback if you like this! So I hope you enjoy this.

    Splinter Cell Blacklist is going to release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

    Source: Amazon dates Splinter Cell: Blacklist for March release - Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Xbox 360 News

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    Have to say I'm looking forward to this - a new SC game is great news in my book! However, I hope it sticks to the series' stealthy roots, rather than going for all-out action, as indicated by the screenshot there....

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    Never liked a Splinter Cell game, so I am doubting this one will do the trick. I like the whole concept of each game though.

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    The game looks good, just it doesn't seem like a SC imo. I haven't played many, but still seems like they made it too fast paced. Hope to find out soon though, and it not get pushed any further.

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    That release date sounds like they are trying to squeeze it into the fiscal year for tax purposes. It will probably do much better on 360 over the PS3 since that's where the series got it's start. Like others, I never really got into the whole Splinter Cell thing, but this one appears to be trying to go back to it's roots and also try and bring in the twitch gamer crowd at the same time. Going to be a lot of competition around this time from other titles - so we'll see if this release date rumor holds true, how well it ends up selling. Spring is normally the tail end of when you get the strong titles and the beginning of the barren summer spell of filler titles.

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    I've never played a Splinter Cell game but I love games w/ stealth, I plan to play the original eventually when it goes on sale on Steam or any other game in the series. I am looking forward to this upcoming one as well. Action or not.

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