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My main quarrel with the Mario/Pong thing is that they seem to make it as if the original Mario is #1 because it's influential, not because of it's quality as a "good" game, whereas Pong is just left on the 100th place for being influential. In that case, the whole list loses all of it's meaning, for some of the games there are good games but not influential, and others are influential yet not as good.

The list seems more like a mash up between a "50 most influential games" list and a "50 best game" one.
Fair points but I think I'm more likely to pick up the original Super Mario Bros. today than I am to bust out a pong emulator. Mario Bros is still fun, I don't think pong is. Just saying.

This list reminds me of the polls that local newspapers take asking the what the public thinks the best restaurant for italian food is. Olive Garden always winds up being number 1 while the real quality mom and pop shops are further down the list. The mom and pop shops have better food but the majority of the people asked the question have never heard of the place, thus making it a best/popularity contest.