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MGS4- Question in regards to trophy patch.

This is a discussion on MGS4- Question in regards to trophy patch. within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Self_Saboteur- Wow The Secret Society you don't screw around strait to calling me a trophy whore. It ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Self_Saboteur- View Post
    Wow The Secret Society you don't screw around strait to calling me a trophy whore.
    It was a simple question I posed to any willing to answer it. If I have to start over I gladly will, because I enjoy the game.
    Don't get the hostility though I beat this game 10 plus times and would like to be able to put some of that hard work to use is all.
    if you knew me you would know what i say isnt out of hostility
    im one of the most koolest people on this site i dont beat down nobody
    im just stating fact
    that only maybe mostly trophy whores only complain about this
    i didnt state that you were , i never even looked at your trophies

    some players expect to load up there save and have trophies pop up instantly for the hard work they put prior to the patch
    i find it a rare case for a game to do that

    once again if you took my statement the wrong way then apologies just stating the majority

    side note if there are trophies requiring big boss emblem i can expect the trophy whores to not touch this game at least not to plat it at least

    and yes even though some are disappointed by the number of trophies (34)
    just be glad we got some to add to our trophy collection
    lets be thankful
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    Oh trust me I'm thankful for the trophies. When I read on this site that they were coming I was like "What, its about time".
    I've bought probably three new PS3's since I first played MGS4 and the save for it has always been one I would transfer.
    I was proud of the fact that I conquered that excellent game. I'll do it all again if I have to.
    Anyway I guess it was a misunderstanding and thank you for your response none the less
    The Secret Society .

    (Props to dsluckay for the sig/avy) (Trophy bar by:Thunder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StewartBros View Post
    I reckon there most likely will be. MGS2 and 3 did not require the player to earn the top accolade for a trophy (thankfully), so I'd be somewhat surprised if MGS4 follows suit and likewise doesn't ask you to earn the Big Boss emblem to get a trophy. Of course, if it DOES do so, then I'll never earn that trophy, since I've never been able to fulfil the Big Boss title/emblem requirements on any MGS game. Oh well.
    Me 2 never have after trying and trying i finally gave up -_-


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    I had the same thoughts, I was going to finish my current game (Act 3 of a playthrough that I can't remember the number of lol) and then see if I could get the trophies in the new game plus. Has anyone else tried that and can confirm if it does or does not work?

    From what I read elsewhere, you don't need to get the Big Boss emblem for a specific trophy, you just need to unlock it for the specific items you get for unlocking it. I believe an iPod song and somehting else are reward for the Big Boss emblem, and those you do need to get for a trophy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Self_Saboteur- View Post
    Do you think having a save file for the game prior to the upcoming patch will affect the earning of trophies?
    Should I just delete all my hard work or do you think I can load up my save and start from a New Game+?
    I know any comments are just speculation at this point but I got screwed on Mercenaries 2 this way so I just want some input.
    Thanks to all in advance.
    To Clarify a bit I have all the unlockable items from the difficult emblems in game.(Patriot, Boss mask, ect.) I just wonder if I can use this save file to start a new game+ so that I have these items already unlocked when I start grinding for the trophies.

    This was the same with uncharted 1.

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