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What PSN Games Do You Wish You Could Return?

This is a discussion on What PSN Games Do You Wish You Could Return? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by dsluckay Pretty much all the ones I bought, since I am either finished or not playing them ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsluckay View Post
    Pretty much all the ones I bought, since I am either finished or not playing them anymore.
    There's food for thought.

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    Detuned, dissent know what it was about and a trailer made it seem better than it was smh
    And numblast I really hate that game
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    Bought Burnout Paradise for $30, 12 hours or so before they reduced to $20. Was on my birthday

    It would be nice if Sony honoured a 30 day price guarantee within PSN purchases, and PS+ offers, or at least offered an alternative if you already own a product.

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    Had a lot of potential for me, but the game just felt awkward from the first time I started it up. Good thing I bought it on discount because I would have been madder than UMA not finding news to post.

    Madden NFL Arcade:

    It seemed fun at the time because it reminded me of NFL Blitz (which I realized came out about 4 months after purchase ) and the controls were slippery. The super human character models I liked, but they went over the top with almost everything.

    Dead Nation:
    Right before the PSN crash, I bought this game. It was fun playing offline, but it was not worth $15 out of my pocket. Than when PSN came back up I realized I could have gotten the fucking game for free. That pissed me off so much.

    I really, really hope Sony finds a way to refund games on the PSN store, but take like a dollar or two away for refunding it. I would love that but am afraid there is really no time to do that since they are focused on things like exclusives, vita, PS4/orbis. But if they could find a way to do it I would be one of the happiest men in the world. I would get over $65 back because I have a ton of games I would refund if I could.

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