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Assassins creed 3, Last of Us, Dota 2, Wii U Stuff, and thats about it.

already saw some of the stuff they are promoing here at pax east so im not interested in a few of them (Rock band Blitz, Joe danger Sequel (<- this sequel is looking really good by the way), Aliens: colonial marines (So is this), etc.)


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Attract Mode and Fangamer host all-ages video game art show Saturday night at PAX | Joystiq

you guys don't even need a PAX ticket for this.

you can see alot of the art here:

Fangamer Vs Attract Mode Pax 2012 Art Show | Galleries | Joystiq
Nice, your the damn luckiest guy ever. If I could get in there.. I would sell my PS2 and XBOX game collection just to get in..