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Square Enix Letting You Play Their Games Online For Free… With a Catch

This is a discussion on Square Enix Letting You Play Their Games Online For Free… With a Catch within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; What if we told you that you can play Hitman: Blood Money , in your browser, right now, for free? ...

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    Square Enix Letting You Play Their Games Online For Free… With a Catch

    What if we told you that you can play Hitman: Blood Money, in your browser, right now, for free? And that Square Enix approves of this? That, in fact, Square Enix is running the site that does this?
    Probably you'd be skeptical. But it's real, it's called Core Online, and you can go play that game right now. But as you've guessed, there's a catch.
    Well, two, actually. The first is that the recommended browser for this service is Google Chrome. The second is that this service is supported by advertising.
    Essentially, you earn playtime on a game by watching ads. Each one minute ad you view earns you twenty minutes of play time, and you can collect sixty minutes of uninterrupted play. If you're not feeling that, of course, you can always buy levels or even the whole game. Ads will also appear in loading screens.
    As far as technical requirements beyond Chrome, Core Online requires Windows XP, a Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or faster, and a video card that supports DirectX 9.0.
    The service currently only offers Hitman: Blood Money and Mini Ninjas, but more games are coming to the service.
    Our Take: Of course we'd rather just buy the full game. But in terms of ad-supported games, this is a bold experiment and if this is the future of browser-based streaming games, it's less annoying than other models.

    Source: tweet

    I don't like anything with ads in it, but if you can play games without paying just by watching a few ads, sounds alright to me.


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    That sounds interesting.
    So the game is available entirely free you just have to watch an ad to play for 20minutes and you can stack up 3 ads for an hour. If I use this service I would simply stock pile an hour of play time, use that then let 3 ads play while do a few other things like make some lunch, go to the toilet, browse a forum or just change the music playlist I'm playing.
    Nice system which does nothing but benefit the customer and developer (Ads for this kind of service will have to pay a fair bit since they are compulsory for the customer to view)

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    Meh, my laptop isn't even strong enough to run it probably.

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    Interesting concept and when you think about it, 1 minute for an add is worth the free 20 minutes in my opinion.
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    Although i probly will not be playing this because i hate ads it is a good idea and nice experiment i mean some people may really enjoy this because if you think about it you have to watch pretty much 3 minutes of ads to watch 10 minutes of tv and mad people do that happily so id say theyre onto something. ill stick with buying mine

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