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Is Playstation Plus A Success?

This is a discussion on Is Playstation Plus A Success? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Ps360 Hey Sony mind giving me the numbers on the PS plus Subscriber base in terms of ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    Hey Sony mind giving me the numbers on the PS plus Subscriber base in terms of how many of them there are?

    Saying it Doubled doesn't really help since we haven't got a number (example: the double of zero is zero.)
    Well you certainly are an odd one. I'm going to refer to you as Negative Nancy for now on

    Sure we don't know exact numbers, but I see through my friends list and from talking to people I know that the majority of the PS3 gamers who consider themselves "hardcore" have PS Plus. So it has to be doing somewhat well with it's subscriber base.

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    Considering how many people there were on my friend list with it when it got released to how many there are now, not to mention the deals I've seen pass by, I'd say it is. Finished up being a long-term thing, though, since it didn't start offering much to the average dude.

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    I've been on PS+ since near the start of it, and have kept it up the entire time [mostly] - it's definitely worth it, at only what like $6 or so a month, for shoooploads of free stuff and automatic updates, etc? Yeah definitely worth it.

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    I think that Ps+ is worth it. I have got great games such as Red Dead Redemption, inFamous 2 and Darksiders. I also got to try out games such as Machinarium and Outland. I would never have bought these games. The 1 hour game trials are great as well as the cloud storage. If I'm still getting good games at the end of my subscription then I'll definitely renew.
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    I've been a member a few times, and that was only because i saw a game i really wanted being really cheap on offer via ps+... Most of the time i can't say its really worth it, this depending on what types of games you like of course.
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