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Rockstar Collection appears

This is a discussion on Rockstar Collection appears within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by johnny_leyenda Not bad if you've missed on these games, but it does look like a weird choice ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny_leyenda View Post
    Not bad if you've missed on these games, but it does look like a weird choice of games.
    For example, it has EFLC but no GTAIV
    episodes of liberty city is bundled with GTA IV at retail.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UNCLEPAULIE View Post
    Red Dead is free on PS+ at the moment
    Wait....WHAT!? How did I miss this? I even have + and somehow missed it. Thanks for posting this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by great_daze_tazer View Post
    GTAIV was a slap in the face compared to San Andreas & in no way was it an improvement IMO & many others as well.

    GTA did reinvent the way developers make games today but to me lately it's just boring as it's the same thing with every title they bring out but there are alot of games now that have taken that original concept & made something better with it Prototype, Infamous, Mafia II etc that involve the exact or very similar style of gameplay but with a much more compelling story.

    But as I said after I do learn more about the game I might say; "I have to have it." but atm it's a fat NO from me
    (I wasn't getting SRTT till the trailers that came out just days before it's release)
    Getting rid of SA's moronically huge and richless environment was a great step forward in the franchice. Add the fact that they also got rid of a badly-done and even more moronic RPG-esque stat system, and you've got a game that's better right off the bat. Then add one of the best-made and "alive" environments done in gaming since Pong was created, and you've got yourself one of the few must-own and must-own play games of this gaming generation.

    Protoype had a crappy story with badly-written characters and unsurprising plot twists, not to mention it felt too repetitive and the only thing that made the world stand out from other gaming worlds was that there were hundreds of people walking around (whoah, such a huge difference!).

    Infamous was great, indeed, but it lacked a gaming world that felt alive or was even interesting. Also, the only thing that made the story really stand out was the end-game's plot twist which I never saw coming and, without a doubt, made my jaw drop due to how awesome it was. That aside, it felt too cliché and boring.

    Never played Mafia 2, but from what I gathered by playing the demo (and reading people rant about it), it wasn't even a step forward when compared to the original, so it can hardly be better than GTAIV.

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