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Lil Help (Zone of the Enders)

This is a discussion on Lil Help (Zone of the Enders) within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I know the guide may still be in the works, but what I am asking is for more of strategy ...

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    Lil Help (Zone of the Enders)

    I know the guide may still be in the works, but what I am asking is for more of strategy then directions...

    I trying to get an A rank in all the SOS missions, I can beat the stage without killing civilians but the damn enemies that are or aren't in the fight still damage the surroundings...

    Does anyone have any helpful tips or a good fighting strategy to get an A Rank??
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    This does not answer your question my bad but have you played the demo yet metal gear rising yet? With Raiden.

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    I followed the guide and spent say about 2 hours gettin myself to level 8 farming the factory's enemys before the Tempest fight. Ok,now the important pain in the ass part( and also why i got ABAAA on first run and still got an A overall,but no plat cuz i didnt get all the rescue As) The bad part about the damage that is done from the Tempest fight is you do not know until after the second rescue mission and you return to that town. When i finally passed with A it was like 9.6 damage, both the tempest fight and the enemys in town 1 COUNT for the damage on that rescue mission. So what helped the most was having my save with Jehuty at level 8 right before Tempest fight, ok so say you beat him with minimal damage(so you think) and you do the FIRST rescue after and get an A? ok than save that slot below your other before Tempest fight,now you go to Tempest town 1 and dont get A? reload save,and do better, it took me say 5-6 tries before i got it. Rescue 3 is 11 squads, and just remember to hit the moving squad in front of you first, than snipe to draw out rest one by one,AND watch your map after every defeat to look for the moving squads(the back up squads), the stationary dudes will not( most of the time) attack, Rescue 4 is the virus, just snipe to stay away, lock em and burst attack, & #5 is easy, just remember the 2 save thing, one right before tempest, one right after , and after rescue mission 2, town 1 if you didnt get A, reload the tempest fight, these were harder than the SS in ZOE2 imo.good luck

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