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Music Unlimited Cheap for Plus Users

This is a discussion on Music Unlimited Cheap for Plus Users within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I don't know if it's been posted or if anyone even noticed but for a limited time PSN + users ...

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    Music Unlimited Cheap for Plus Users

    I don't know if it's been posted or if anyone even noticed but for a limited time PSN + users can get a year subscription for Sony's Music Unlimited for $12. (it is usually $10 a month) Think of it as basically a Pandora service. I've used the trial version, was pretty nice and for $12 for a whole year it really isn't a bad deal.

    Not sure how long the deal lasts so if interested you may want to hop on that soon.

    Edit: Looking at the site, there are several version for MU. The $12 will get you the premium version.

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    I picked it up as something random to listen to during trophy grinds. I like it fairly well, you can use it on iPhones and Androids as well as the PS3/PS Vita.
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    Hmm, good price, but I don't think I need it...

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    Dropped my $12 on this last night. The offline playlists intrigued me (as well as the amazing price tag).

    So far, though... Yuck. My Metric channel has played two Metric songs. One was 30 seconds long and the other cut out a few seconds into the song. Otherwise: It is mostly pulling horrible songs from live albums of bands I've never heard of... I've been using Pandora for years now and have NEVER disliked or skipped this many songs. ALSO! When you hit the dislike button, IT KEEPS PLAYING THE SONG! Who... Why? "Oh, he doesn't like the song? Keep playing it, yeah. Maybe it'll grow on him."

    Yesterday I would have told you that I am pretty much into every type of music excluding most country (the twang grates on me, for some reason), some rap (hardcore rap makes little sense to me), and any type of metal where the lyrics are mostly screaming. Today I can tell you that I know nothing of my musical tastes because Music Unlimited is somehow managing to prove me wrong with nearly every song they throw at me.

    You're gonna NEED those unlimited skips apparently.

    ARGH! Mid-post edit: They just played the 30 second Metric song AGAIN! They've only played maybe 20 songs so far....


    There are two reasons I can imagine for this:

    1. They are literally scraping the bottom of the royalty barrel. Over half the songs they've thrown at me are live versions or 30 second songs. I can't imagine they have to pay remotely as much in royalties for those songs versus an actual hit. If that's the case, it's prudent business sense... Except they're never getting my business again, so... Maybe not.

    2. They don't have the best data on what Metric is really like, so that's leading to some very tenuous connections. If that's the case, then I'll have to try somebody a bit more mainstream and get back to you.

    At this point, though: Highly NOT recommended. Pandora One is much better and about the same price.

    EDIT: Half the Metric songs they are playing I'm now realizing... They aren't just 30 second songs. They are 30 second snippets of actual Metric songs. I have no idea why they do that, but it's awful. The first TRULY good song they played was a 30 second snippet of one of my favorite Metric songs... I'm just bewildered. Maybe there's some settings I need to fiddle with somewhere or something, but so far I am miserable.
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    I picked it up last tuesday i think it was. I really like it especially on my vita

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