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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3?!?!

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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3?!?!

    Looks like there's been a NGS3 sighting going around in a french division of Amazon:

    It seems that Team Ninja is getting ready to release a new version of this year's Ninja Gaiden 3, in the form of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3, at least according to a leaked listing from the French division of large online retailer Amazon.

    Amazon France has gotten us used to a variety of major leaks ahead of time and it seems that yet another game has been revealed before it was actually announced to the world.

    This time we're talking about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3, which was listed by the retailer for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a release date of March 5, 2013.

    No other details are known about the game, but it's quite possible that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 will deliver the core Ninja Gaiden 3 experience with the different enhancements and new content added by Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, which has just appeared for the Nintendo Wii U.

    As of yet, however, developer Team Ninja hasn't commented on the leaked listing.
    Source: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 Leaked by Retailer for PS3 and Xbox 360 - Softpedia

    I know it's not confirmed as of yet, but man I sure hope this is going to be true!!!!! I'll be putting some funds towards this once it's been confirmed *Crosses fingers*

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    I hope this is true, because NG3 was a mess from what I heard and the Wii U port was a major improvement over the 1st version of NG3. So that means if Sigma 3 was for real, can retailer allow for a exchange at a good rate like anyone with NG3 can exchange for NG Sigma 3 for a reasonable fee. Glad I don't have NG3.
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    Mutiplatform...... could just leave Xbox with the bad one only....... heheheh.
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