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Thoughts on GameFly

This is a discussion on Thoughts on GameFly within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Koimia Can't speak for Redbox's part, but Blockbuster is $14.99/month for 2 discs out. $20 a month ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koimia View Post
    Can't speak for Redbox's part, but Blockbuster is $14.99/month for 2 discs out. $20 a month for 3 disc

    I don't know how good their selection is though. Just saying that Gamefly is not cheaper than Blockbuster.

    I used to have gamefly. And when I used them, they were awesome. But then for a time, money was a problem (i.e no job) and I had to cancel them.

    Then I tried to come back.... and that is when the shit started.

    The problem with gamefly is they don't accept my credit card. Kinda. It's one of those Visa cards my paycheck is deposited on and so they count it as a "gift card or re-loadable card" and therefore can not accept it. They will however accept it if I was to buy used games from them. So, until they will accept it all around, they aren't getting one penny from me. And I tell them as such every time I get one of those "come back to us for only $1" emails.

    I've stopped into my local Blockbuster and they have assured me that they can use my card. The employee there even informed me that is how he is paid and uses his pay card with the Blockbuster service. Maybe he was blowing smoke up my ass just to make the account, I don't know. I'd like to think that since he was trying to get me to use that specific card, it would have been okay.

    I haven't signed up to any service at the moment only because my wife is pregnant with our first child and right now all money is being focused on that, though I am sure eventually I will be signing back up with a service... be it Blockbuster, Gamefly (maybe they will eventually play nice with my card) or other.
    irregardless. I used to have a dozen Blockbusters within driving distance and every one of them has closed down and now they only do the redbox type of deal where they charge I think it was 2.99 a night for a game. That would be 90 bucks a month per game.

    The blockbusters all over my place and a bunch of other states say their main branches and stores are closing down and selling everything they own and even in the store unless it was a MAJOR game they didn't ever have the game. So for an extra 10 bucks a month you can have a selection of every game on the platform, choice be yours.

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    I got it this past summer, and the only reason I canceled was because I was low on money. I am thinking of restarting my subscription soon. I had no problems, and I highly recommend them. Also, it helps that one of their shipping centers is just a few hours from where I live.

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    I just canceled my this week. My backlog over 50+ games was the only reason. The only complaint I have is when they ship out games. I wish it were faster. They recognize the return of a game pretty quickly, but after that it takes 2-4 days for them to ship the next one out. I live one hour from a shipping center. By comparison, if I sent a netflix movie back, they usually ship the day after they get a return from me. It's a small gripe, I will return to GameFly once I clear out my backlog.

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    GameFly (or Blockbuster's rental service) is a must have. While you don't always get the top game in your list due to availability, there are so many games that you'll always have something to play. Unlike Blockbuster, all games are available on release day. That $15 a month has saved me hundreds upon hundreds I'd have to spend between buying games and renting them at a store like Family Video.

    If any of you are thinking of trying it out, I'd really appreciate it if you used my referral link. I'll get a free month out of it, as will you. Let me know if you do so I can thank you.


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    I signed up with GameFly at the start of the summer and I really dig it. They've been pretty fast about getting games to me on time (I got RE6 the day after release) and it's been working wonders on helping me catch up on backlog games that I wanted to play but didn't want to spring for. I've only had one abnormal period where it took 2.5 weeks for me to finally get Ultimate Alliance 2 shipped to me (it was the only thing on my Q on purpose) it's been good. If you micromanage your Q, which I do, you can really get what you want without it skipping past your number 1 or 2 and giving you your 3rd or 4th (and so on) choice.

    However, I live in LA, so I'm pretty close to a shipping center, which is why I waited to get the service until I moved back here right before summer from Arizona. One of my buddies, his shipping period seems to take 2-3 times longer to get to him than it does to me, and I'd imagine the further out you are from the shipping centers (there's, what, 5 of them?) that period will increase a bit, but who knows... It works for me, since it really is good for playing catch-up. Don't load up on trying to "only" play the most current games and you should have a pretty good flow of games coming and going!
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    If I'm correct I believe they also ship games to APO/FPO (military overseas) addresses as well, but it would take A LOT longer for you to get them. I cancelled my Gamefly when I moved to Japan but I loved it when I had it. I tried to verify that they do rent/sell games to APO/FPO addresses before I posted this but I'm pretty sure I've bought a game or two from them since I moved to Japan.

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    It's unfortunate the service hasn't come to Canada yet, or atleast in my area that is

    Sounds great and seems to work...I'll guess I'll stick to getting games from the library for the time being.

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    I JUST started using GameFly, I registered only 3 days ago and I am happy as hell. I put a game in my GameQ, they shipped it on the 4th, I got it yesterday. It only took one day for it to ship to me. Mind you it will take more time if you live in bumfuck nowhere (Schism), but it isn't a long wait for me whatsoever.

    I would recommend it highly, no other service has impressed me this much, this quickly, so that's saying something.
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