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  • 0%-10%

    0 0%
  • 10%-20%

    0 0%
  • 20%-30%

    7 5.65%
  • 30%-40%

    12 9.68%
  • 40%-50%

    19 15.32%
  • 50%-60%

    15 12.10%
  • 60%-70%

    20 16.13%
  • 70%-80%

    16 12.90%
  • 80%-90%

    15 12.10%
  • 90%-100%

    20 16.13%
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What is your completion percentage and do you care?

This is a discussion on What is your completion percentage and do you care? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Atm I have 100%, and I want to keep it allways higher than 99,9% o.O...

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    Atm I have 100%, and I want to keep it allways higher than 99,9% o.O

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    Starting the new year at 73%

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    I've dropped since I voted in the poll probably a year ago. I've been sitting around 56%. I'd like to stay above 50% but other than that, it doesn't bother me. Currently, I have a few games loaded at 0% because either they were part of a trilogy or I loaded the disc to make sure it worked due to sketchy packing/shipping and haven't played it yet. I hoping to work on my backlog and get rid of those zeroes.

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    I started the New Year at 83% and I have never really dropped below 80%, at least for the last couple of years. I'd like to hit 90%, but due to numerous DLC content that I haven't played it will be tough.

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    I guess approximately 60% or better. I have 31 games in my listing and 13 Platinums, plus three others at 90+%. However, I have eight games sitting at about 10% or less, and a couple at 0%. The reasoning for this being that I can check out games from the library, and in several cases I've gotten some just to try out, only to find that I don't really care for it. I'd probably have a lot more Platinums and Trophies in general, if not for my tendency to play really time-consuming RPGs, as well as to Platinum games that take a lot of tame for it. And to also sink time into a game like Eternal Sonata that doesn't have any Trophies at all, but was well worth playing nevertheless. And I'd probably have a few more 100%s if not for those Kingdom Hearts - I just can't seem to lick stuff like that ice cream mini-game in Birth By Sleep, or the Gummi Ship missions on Kingdom Hearts.

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