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Hardwired or wireless: Are you helping or hurting the PSN community?

This is a discussion on Hardwired or wireless: Are you helping or hurting the PSN community? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Wi-Fi for I because the dislike of cords run deep. If servers are lagging because I choose to avoid the ...

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    Wi-Fi for I because the dislike of cords run deep. If servers are lagging because I choose to avoid the wire setup then someone is more then welcome to pay for the un-needed surgery to my floors and walls. My router has it's own separate room along with my PC I use for work.
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    Used to be wireless in my other house, but since I have moved back to my old house I'm back on the cat5 cable from the router into my bedroom. I use cables where I can basically.

    However, I don't think it's much of an issue unless there are numerous wireless devices connected to the access point. I platted most of my online games while I was on wireless, even games with bad connectivity such as Ghostbusters and Call of Juarez. I believe I've only played two games through the wired connection: Bulletstorm and Brutal Legend.

    BTW if you are observing that 95% of the other players are lagging, it's most likely not them that's having connection issues.

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    Ya I always go wired except if I bring my ps3 traveling with me, Luckily I'm an electrician so I gots the knowledge to run cables n wire jacks up. As far as people doing it by themselves, sometimes through the attic is good, sometimes under the floor is. Cut in a wall box and blamo your good, with a wall plate and a jack and that other bs lol

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    Wireless from my optimum position - my bedroom. Currently my PS3 is in my rumpus room and had been in there for 3 months since my fatty YLOD'd after almost 6 years. The downside of it's current position is that it gets frigging 20-40% (40% once every 150 times, usually 24%) quality and DNS errors after 10 seconds of connecting or some shit, so I currently only use the Internet to update my trophies.

    Going to move the slim back to my bedroom again and connect it back to my decade old ass TV which is heavy as shit so I can receive my old 90% signal w/ no DNS errors and shit and that I stay connected until I turn off the PS3. The downside is that although it's screen is as big as my current 1080p rumpus screen, it only supports 720p, but that makes little difference considering that most games are rendered in 720p even though the PS3 supports FHD (1080p), doesn't it?
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