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Has your attitude about gaming changed?

This is a discussion on Has your attitude about gaming changed? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; When trophies were put into games my attitude about gaming changed. I started to play entire games with the idea ...

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    When trophies were put into games my attitude about gaming changed. I started to play entire games with the idea of collecting everything for certain trophies. I also started to play online games since gaming offline isn't fun anymore and you need to be online for MP trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevetsteven2 View Post
    Mine has changed a little @ age 29.
    It's mostly towards fighting games, I could play mortal kombat and Street fighter non stop in elementary school and high school.

    I still get stoked to play new games and look forward to getting task complete, and with trophies it has helped keep track of them

    When your a kid you have a different mind state with only school and skateboarding/gaming to keep track of.

    I remember waking up at midnight in 4th grade to get the rats tail in Final Fantasy by using the boat instead of the airship because it was so much faster.

    The good ol 8-bit days then came along.
    You can't put a price on nostalgia. Will never forget the good ol days!

    As of late, my attitude towards gaming has drastically changed and here's why...

    1.) New gen is looking worse and worse the more I hear about it. For example, think about how we've all been able to go back and play each and every system and game without any problems (mostly) Once this new gen comes, all online bullshit releases and eventually knocks the PS3 out of the picture, what happens to all those games that have been patched? What happens to the support? My opinion...should have never gotten this far. There will be a day where you won't be able to go back and play your PS3 games, even ON your PS3 due to no more support for won't last forever. So you can pretty much get rid of you PS3 at that point (I say maybe 2 years after PS4) because they will be focusing their support on the PS4...not the PS3 (granted this is different from the PSN shit and they in fact CAN still release patches for each game or have some sort of auto patching system in place) Regardless, I'm skeptical about it.*

    2.) DLC, online passes, digital downloads, etc. Good for devs/publishers, bad for us. Unless you have asstons of money it's going to be quite limited for you as this is going to be the future of gaming as we know it. I don't care for it myself and will always prefer to opening my physical copy that has the COMPLETE AND FULL game on disc, without this fucking DLC bullshit which pockets more money for the devs/publishers when the shit could have been put in the game from the getgo.*

    3.) Devs/publishers milking the sweet teets of each and every franchise is ruining every single one of them (with exceptions)

    We get it. People liked the first and maybe second, but end it somewhere and kill it off while it's good...not getting into which ones, but you know who they are *

    4.) I could keep going but there are too many tl;dr so I'm not going to punish your eyes and minds with my mumbo jumbo any longer.

    *Disclaimer: These are mostly my opinions and may not necessarily be factual. Please take them with the tiniest grain of salt from your dinner table.

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    Biggest changes in the past 25 years of gaming for me have been choice, we had little money growing up so my Megadrive ( which was shared with my brothers ) had a select few games that got played over and over, in most cases, i still play some of those games today ( Streets Of Rage 2, Sonic etc ). These games can be finished in less than an hour now but they are pure in their enjoyment.
    When Dreamcast and PS2 came out, i had my own money and i bought every damn game i wanted, also, PC gaming was a big thing for me by this point, basically FPS online, because it was novel and truly fun back then.
    I picked some duffers sure, mostly though, i got some of the greatest gaming experiences of my life in the GTA series, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Bully, Shenmue, Skies Of Arcadia, Day Of Defeat, Half-Life, Timesplitters 2 and all the rest. I can go back and play these games with nary a grimace at how rubbish they look now because the core holds up.

    The problems with the modern way are games that truly reflect Blockbuster movies, you enjoy the shit out of them, talk about them with your friends, eat up the hype, but they don't stand up too well in the long run and rarely have an oomph factor of older titles, some current big budget game franchises seem to have less depth and charm than last gen games and my ill advised dream of having multiplayer in more normal games is a sad, bland reality ( with exceptions ). There are some truly amazing, memorable, quotable, replayable games about of course, but far fewer than there should be for a 7 year cycle. i can't think of five games this gen i spent 100 hours on that weren't football games.
    As for Trophies, i like them but wouldn't miss them if they were to cease existence.

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