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Multi Region PSN Accounts

This is a discussion on Multi Region PSN Accounts within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Is it illegal or does it break the agreement in a way that I could get in trouble if I ...

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    Multi Region PSN Accounts

    Is it illegal or does it break the agreement in a way that I could get in trouble if I were to create a EU account to buy a game? What about JPN accounts? If not can I play the downloaded games on my US PSN account?

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    no its not illegal, but you have to find the psn cards for that region, they might not take your credit card
    i play japanese games all the time on my US account

    if you go to the jap store dont download the MGS revengeance demo thats the only demo that region locked to a jap console ive seen
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    You can do that just fine, as long as you CAN put money on those wallets (since I doubt you can use an American credit card on a Japanese account due to the billing address you'll most likely have to buy PSN cards).
    I have accounts for all regions, to download DLC when I import games or to get demos from the JP store.

    You CAN use all content with all accounts (I have a PAL Borderlands Goty and I can play fine online), but I'm a bit unsure about different servers with different games.

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