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THQ Auction Day - What will Warner buy? What will EA Ruin? we will find out today!

This is a discussion on THQ Auction Day - What will Warner buy? What will EA Ruin? we will find out today! within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; fresh from relic...

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    fresh from relic

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    Just hope Platinum Games does hire the guys from Vigil, and continue with Darksiders, or a spiritual successor.

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    So Take-Two is rumored to make an announcement acquiring the WWE license soon and all of the WWE games will be published by 2K Sports but there is no news on who's developing the next WWE title maybe Yukes can develop the titles.

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    Never heard of Koch Media studios but I am glad EA didn't buy Metro. Homefront 2 is in the hands with the developer of the game so I not worried about it. I wonder who will buy Darksiders but maybe it will be Sony and let Sucker Punch make it. Saint Rows and rest don't bother me.
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    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Winning bid: $3,265,306 - Ubisoft
    Backup bidder: None
    THQ's saviour sold for chump change.

    Who was it again who saw this coming like a freight train?
    Quote Originally Posted by ant1th3s1s View Post
    No chance. It's a niche game with limited appeal.

    I expect to see various IPs sold off over the coming months to repay creditors. THQ is a dead duck but franchises like Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and maybe Darksiders and Homefront should live on.
    Now who was it claiming The Stick of Truth would save THQ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    one of the biggest cartoon series in america developed by the best RPG maker in america

    i doubt it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    Everyone in the Teen/Young adult demographic pretty much watches south park at some point

    they have the demographic down hard Due to the ability to pump a episode out in a week and be relevant. It's the teenage equivalent of the simpsons without it being stale yet.

    not to mention they made South park the stick of truth look exactly like the show, i dont know how the hell they arn't going to get alot of sales.
    Chump change.....wuf wuf wuf.

    God I hate being right. All. The. Fucking. Time.

    JK. PS360 posted THQ was toast this time last year and we didn't believe it...

    ...including me...

    Quote Originally Posted by ant1th3s1s View Post
    Nothing but rumours and speculation...PS360's forte.

    THQ cancels 2014 lineup? -

    THQ is far from dead. They're cutting dead wood and focusing resources on core product, including Saints Row 4.
    :cough: :whistle: Well played sir, well played.

    Southpark's game selling for a pittance is a bit of a concern.

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