Some sad news has streamed in and hit the video game community. Music has a huge impact on the ears that the medium nestles itself in. Video game music helps tell the story of the game it is composed for. Heavy Rain was known for being a title that danced on the emotion of the player and David Cage, as well as the team from Quantic Dream, executed this so well.

The composer of the Heavy Rain soundtrack, Normand Corbeil, passed away yesterday at age 56. First spotted on Gaf, it was confirmed on The Cancer Forums by a user, Orly83, who is said to be Corbeil's son, as he posted:

"My father, Normand Corbeil, 56, passed away today at 2:56 PM. He was a great composer and an amazing dad... I am in shock."
Very sad news.

Montreal-native composer, Normand Corbeil, passed away yesterday.

He's been responsible for many TV and movie soundtracks, but may be more well-known around here as David Cage's collaborator on the fantastic Heavy Rain soundtrack.

He was working on Beyond: Two Souls, no idea if his work was finished or not.

My thoughts go to his friends and family.
Haven't played Heavy Rain but the main theme song was truly amazing. He will be missed.

Here's the main theme song for Heavy Rain:

Source: 8bitfix

Source: NeoGaf