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Rankings: Grand Theft Auto

This is a discussion on Rankings: Grand Theft Auto within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I agree with the first two, except I put 3 over San Andreas for the third spot....

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    I agree with the first two, except I put 3 over San Andreas for the third spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    gta 3 was ground breaking but it wasn't the best gta

    vice city improved on it massively.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nagflar View Post
    Word. GTAIII was in charge of being influential and succeeded, while Vice City was in charge of following it up in a great manner and went beyond everyone's expectations.
    I totally agree, I think Vice City had the second most improvements over a previous title in the series, and in terms of polish and delivering the best bang for it's buck with what is packaged in the game, it takes the cake. III being over course, one of the top 3 most important games of console gaming history is deserving of an extremely high spot as well, but I agree that there was enough change in VC to make that one the one that stands out the most for a lot of people.

    The RPG elements of SA and the emphasis on micromanagement and many useless and distracting side quests hurt it in terms of improvements since it took away a lot as well. IV I felt was a good launch title, but it felt a little sloppy at times, and the whole cell phone feature at some point had to make somebody want to go pull their car over and murder the closest person in response to that annoying thing. Neither boosted over it's predecessors enough though to stand out as much as VC did over III, and III did over II.

    I just find it interesting that a lot of people's favorites normally have more to do with where they entered in the series; rather than actually attempting to put yourself in terms of how that game felt in comparison to it's competition in it's time period, how well the game has improved over it's predecessor in terms of overall experience, and how well the game has said aged.

    The beauty of something like Vice City is that it matches right up there with the Scarface's and Miami Vice's, of the world. Where as SA tried too hard to be something that force fed itself into 90's street gang culture, with nonsensical additives like RC cars, and tractors on highways that hurt the experience because you'd never find those in something like Boyz In The Hood's, Blood In, Blood Out's, and New Jack City's that it should have felt they took away from in terms of over-the-topness. IV had a solid story, arguably the best, but that damn phone and the Russian aspect made it hard to connect with the protagonist in a personal level until the later portions of the game - not to mention Niko Bellic had the charisma of a cement block.

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