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Has DLC helped or hampered gaming?

This is a discussion on Has DLC helped or hampered gaming? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I didn't see a thread like this when I searched. If there is one I missed, I will gladly close ...

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    Has DLC helped or hampered gaming?

    I didn't see a thread like this when I searched. If there is one I missed, I will gladly close this one.

    With just about every game having DLC now, what do you make of it?

    IMO, I believe it has done both for this generation of games. You can make the case that certain games have left out part of the game just so they can milk money out of the consumer (COD map packs come to mind). At the same time, I believe certain games have been helped since a developer may have thiught of some cool extras that should have been put in but perhaps too late to get it in. In the case, DLC can prolong a games life and add new and exciting things to a game that may have seen it's life end earlier than it normally would. The biggest time I think of games being hampered is when a game hasn't been released but already has announced DLC.

    Once again, sorry if this is a double post.
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    Maybe or maybe not since some games you can plat without being 100% but then need the DLC, to achieve 100%. So depends on the gamer if they want one or both in regards to having a plat and/or 100%

    For me if the DLC is free xD, then i get it but if its not I may buy if I really want to play the extensions of the game.

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    It is kind of bad to see DLC released when the game is released. Free DLC is of course awesome. I guess it is all a case-by-case basis. It comes down to things we can never know. What was the intention of the developer? Cash making? Extra content? Cool ideas? DLC is good because it can expand a game further but it just comes in bad taste if it is just done for money. (Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken content all being finished and on the disc already)

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    I think it a mix of both. Some games have obviously removed things in order to later sell it as DLC (most recently for me was NBA 2K13's All-Star DLC). On the other hand, some games have released DLC that adds new things to a game that can lengthen the game, change how a game plays, et cetera.

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    Downloadable Content has certainly hampered the gaming of millions, well except the free ones (which aren't many).

    I won't mind if the games for the PS4 are $80 here in Australia, but ONLY if they release content worth that much. For example, a large 50 hour game comes out for $80 which is insanely good and popular. The game comes with a redeeming code so the consumer can get future content (if avaliable) for free. Additionally, the content is locked to the PS4's serial #, meaning any accounts linked with that system can use it, though if someone was to borrow or buy the used game they wouldn't get the content for free.
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    If you like a game to be at 100% then I would say yes. If like to always have that disadvantage over your opponent, I say no. If you really don't care then it's a no right a way. I like certain DLC's if they are free or 50% off. IMO, DLC's are the work of the "DEVIL"
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    DLC has hampered gaming because most games are incomplete and you have to buy the rest of the content. Plus most DLC is very expensive and not worth buying at all.

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    The only answer is both yes and no.

    For some games, DLC has greatly helped. A great example would be Skyrim. They waited long enough to put out new content that most people had a chance to complete the original game (to the level that they cared to), and so they released new content to give hours upon hours of additional gaming. I think of DLC like this as being the same as the old "expansions" to older PC games (like how Age of Empires had the expansion The Rise of Rome), and think it's a great thing. Without DLC like this, some games would be collecting dust after completion rather than get popped in for a round of new material. Another great example is Dragon Age Awakening.

    Then you have DLC that has hampered gaming, much of it just small pieces of content adding a new color, type of equipment, or a couple of hours of new content at most, and of course the big one, map packs. When a pack of a few maps costs 1/4 the price of the game, it's not a positive thing. It especially aggravates me when content is released in small blocks for $5 a pop, and you either spend more than what the original game costs over time or wait a year for the complete edition on disc.

    Another form of DLC hampering gaming is the ability to straight purchase features you would normally earn or little cheats. Examples of this are being able to straight up buy the gold guns in Red Dead Redemption rather than earning them with 100 headshots in multiplayer, or the ability to buy "boosters" to help you out in EA Sports career modes.

    Let's not forget those b.s. online passes, which are kind of like DLC. Blow me, EA.

    Last, but certainly not least, there is "release day DLC". I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3. They took what could be considered one of the biggest thing with the Protheans storyline and made it release day DLC you had to buy. I hate that. You should not have to pay for content readily available when you buy your game brand new. Hell, I believe that Prothean DLC was actually on the disc already, just locked until you purchased it after purchasing the game.

    Overall, DLC has done more hampering than helping. However, I just ignore the crap DLC anyway, so I guess it doesn't really hurt anything. I just like to bitch about things. Now that I think about it, it seems EA is the most guilty of hampering gaming with their DLC.


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