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Gaming Convention

This is a discussion on Gaming Convention within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; My wife and I are thinking about possibly going to a gaming convention this year. Just wondering if anyone has ...

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    Gaming Convention

    My wife and I are thinking about possibly going to a gaming convention this year. Just wondering if anyone has gone and your thoughts on it. We have never been to one and just wondering how the atmosphere is, did you enjoy it, what should we expect. Thanks
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    lots of fun, people and activities...they will be things your gonna wanna buy so bring plenty of cash and a camera to take flicks with cosplayers
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    PAX East is my favorite out of all of them. It starts next month.

    its when all the big games start pumping out their advert material to the masses. It's also where you get the most free shit from companies. Rockstar usually does amazing pre-order bonuses there too (For example, they were taking pre-orders for max Payne where you can get a bullet, med pill week case, etc.) so who knows what they will do for GTA V. Boston also has badass food no matter what, seafood there is incredible and if your stuck in a hotel they actually have a food delivery service that doesn't just deliver pizza. shits cool.

    PAX Prime is only good for Major stuff involving Big gaming icons you want to meet and stuff. They don't really show anything incredible there otherwise and is there mainly there to wrap up the rest of the holiday games or tournaments going on in e-sports games. Only go there for the city (seattle is awesome) and big gaming stars like hideo kojima and other big names.

    I don't care for pax australia though, doesn't seem like it will be big but it's nice for the aussies i guess.

    But Pax is seriously the best convention available to gamers right now. Every person there is incredibly nice or hilarious (gamers and advertisers alike), Not to mention they have a booth babe ban so you won't see companies using sex appeal to advertise their shitty game. They also have other things like PC Lan Areas for people to bring their PCs and play all day, Set up rockband/dance central booths for people to dance in, etc.

    Also mega64 is there, so they incredibly piss off anyone nearby them who owns a booth because they randomly break into dance with loud music and act like general retards. but thats why they are amazing.

    not to mention they make a video based off it every year

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