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List Your Most Hated Trophy

This is a discussion on List Your Most Hated Trophy within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Encorporeus Crysis? What Crysis? - Crysis 2. Achieve level 50 in Crysis 2's multiplayer. I'm not into ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Encorporeus View Post
    Crysis? What Crysis? - Crysis 2.

    Achieve level 50 in Crysis 2's multiplayer. I'm not into online-grinding multiplayer trophies so that and the rest of the MP trophies can go fuck themselves. PS: The servers are near-dead, the only active game-mode is Team matches, though the wait I had to endure to enter one while on Ethernet (over 30 mins) convinced me to say "Screw this shit".

    Killing Machine - Resistance 2

    Kill 10,000 opponents in Ranked Competitive Multiplayer. Firstly, I don't grind MP trophies, and also the Ranked Competitive servers are near-dead so there is basically 0% chance of getting this trophy now, unless the server glitches and gives you, say, 9000 kills.
    What's funny is that I actually have both of those trophies. The grind was a long one, but glad it's over forever!!!!!

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    Yeah, there are a few that bug me....

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    Da Vinci Disapearance

    Il Principe

    Basically it's getting 100% ON everything in the game which would be fine.... if some of the missions 100% stipulations weren't BS. I can still get this and maybe will one day. It's just so damn frustrating.



    I have already earned this trophy 100 times over but yet still don't have it. It is glitched hard. I really want it so I can 100% one of my favorite games but I have the slightest chance because the level accounts for seedlings that aren't mine yet. Only 10 people have gotten this trophy on PS3T.

    And yes..... the MK Online trophies look so possible without boosting. I could get away with a few of them by myself. Maybe even the tougher ones too but the chances with me & fighting games online is slim.

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    For me its misable trophies. Anytime you are just playing a game, and you put a lot of time into a save file, and you sell something unknowingly that it is the ONLY ONE IN THE GAME! Then later you find out you needed to upgrade that item. Then you have to start all over on a different save file.

    I am refering to Treasure Hunter on Final Fantasy XIII. I have a near platinum on that game, but I have to do it all again to get the one gold trophy. It is the ENTIRE game again because you have to have held one of EVERY item in the game on one save. This includes the final (STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE) tiers of you weapons. Hence, extreme end game material. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    Its ridiculous lol.

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    I agree. Missable trophies are a pain but most games have chapter select so not too much of a problem. Trophies I hate are "collect everything" where you need to find a map or youtube. So frustrating.

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    It would have to be the bunny races in Star Ocean the Last hope, I stared doing them awhile ago and I just ended up taking a break from the game and sinking 370 hours in 3 plus months might have been part of the reason.

    You have to win 100 races that take 2 minutes plus to beat and you have to get your bunny maxed out wich takes a little farming and alchemy.
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