Did not see or find a thread on this, so i decided to post

my top 3 hardest trophy i have encountered are

1-[IMG]http://www.****************/images/trophies/353/1D6.jpg[/IMG]The Shadows Rushed Me [IMG]http://www.****************/images/site/icons/trophy_silver.png[/IMG]

NYM Hardcore unlocks after beating NYM. Complete the game without Dying.

[IMG]http://www.****************/images/trophies/467/24.jpg[/IMG] Parting Wave [IMG]http://www.****************/forum/images/smilies/trophy_gold.png[/IMG]

Reach and Complete wave 100 in tackle alley

3- Gold Standard

Get a gold trophy in every race event, license test and special event

Whats yours???