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Why is your favourite franchise your favourite?

This is a discussion on Why is your favourite franchise your favourite? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Uncharted is my favourite franchise. Sure, there have been other standout games, but Uncharted is the only franchise that has ...

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    Uncharted is my favourite franchise. Sure, there have been other standout games, but Uncharted is the only franchise that has never disappointed me.

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    The Elder Scrolls is my favourite franchise. There is so much history and depth to these games and I just love them.
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    My 2 favourites are Uncharted & GTA because they are so well done, I can play them endlessly and never get bored.

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    Mass Effect series. Greatest space opera ever made.

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    Metal Gear Solid.

    Because it's fucking awesome, that's why.

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    God of War, hands down, cause I love Greek mythology

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    Tough call. I would say Bayonetta, but I'll never get to play the 2nd one because of the Nintendo exclusivity. Otherwise I guess I have to say it' s a 6-way tie between :

    God Of War
    Dead Space
    BATMAN : Arkham

    All of these series are nothing but top-notch excellence in every facet and every game in each series is incredible. True gaming excellence all around.

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    I hold many franchises close to my heart. Here are a few of my favourites

    1. Legacy of Kain
    2. Uncharted Series
    3. Devil May Cry
    4. Disgaea
    5. Dawn of War
    6. Little Big Planet
    7. Bioshock
    8. Assassin's Creed
    9. inFAMOUS
    10. Crash Bandicoot
    11. Spyro
    12. Rayman
    13. Fallout series
    14. Mass Effect
    15. Dragon Age
    16. Prince of Persia
    17. Dead Space
    18. Grand Theft Auto
    19. Overlord series
    20. Destroy All Humans
    21. [PROTOTYPE] Series
    22. Resistance
    23. Homeworld
    24. Age of Empires
    25. Portal
    26. Serious Sam
    27. Black and White
    28. Trine
    29. Final Fantasy (Excluding XIII, X-2 and the MMO's like XI and XIV.)
    30. Time Crisis
    31. House of the Dead
    32. Total War
    33. Oddworld
    34. Batman (Arkham Series of games)
    35. Castlevania
    36. Medievil
    37. Tekken
    38. Resident Evil (Excluding 6 and Operation Raccoon City)
    39. Command and Conquer (Everything before CnC Twilight)
    40. Heroes of Might and Magic
    41. Saints Row
    42. Sins of a Solar Empire

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    I'm going to say LittleBigPlanet because I can always play it with friends and it's nice to have a friendly game in a world of blood and zombies. Plus, I love me some platformers. The customizability and deepness of it all also scores with me.
    BioShock rings in as second, I love the dystopia of Rapture and its sci-fi style.
    God of War comes in as third. The gameplay is simple, but effective, and it's so rewarding to kill such big baddies.

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    Midnight Club

    I've been a big fan of the series for a little over 9 years now, since a family friend brought both Midnight Club and Midnight Club 2 around the Christmas Holiday of 2003. By then, I was very fascinated by the gameplay of MC2, and he let me have MC1, which wasn't as fun but still awesome for its time. Since then, I've been eager to get each Midnight Club game, so I rented MC2 repeatedly until it stopped working. A few months later, my dad bought me MC3: DUB Edition, and a year later I bought the REMIX Edition. By then I considered myself as a Midnight Club fan, the only series I strongly enjoyed at the time (Need for Speed as well, at the time).

    The gameplay on MC2 revolutionized the series more so than the first game. I love open city racing games, and each game did a good job on structuring the races (99% of them). It's pretty convenient to place checkpoints as the route to a race so you can go to any shortcut or path to get there and clear them all to finish in first place. The cities themselves were all enjoyable to play, especially Paris in Midnight Club 2. MC1 started the concept of following racers to the start, even though it was difficult as hell (still is, especially the city champs!), so most of my fun came from Arcade Mode. I never got passed the first city in Career Mode until I got the game again after an 8 year hiatus. The cars were alright, but a few were really cool that I only got to unlock in Arcade Mode. All summed up to be a fun game, again, at the time. Not that it's no longer fun, in fact, it's still is now that I can beat the Career Mode and relive memories. My main complaint with the game now, same as years ago, how difficult following racers can be, especially the city champs. I sometimes have to cut through the city to get near them close enough to last long enough to get lead into the race. Faster car + little turns = problem for the player.

    Since Midnight Club 2, you can use Burnout (when you spin your tires before the race starts to get a faster start), 2-wheel driving, In-Air Control (when you control how your car will land, but nothing over the top). The game looked much better as well as the soundtrack, cities, and the cars. Also, in Arcade Mode, there were circuit races, something MC1 didn't have. There was also Race Editor Mode, where I can actually create a race!

    I can go on and on about the series to fill up an entire page worth of things to say about the series and why it's my favorite, but I'll stop right here, You get the idea. But in order of my favorite games from it (since there's only four):

    Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition REMIX > Midnight Club 2 > Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Complete Edition) > Midnight Club: Street Racing.

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    My favorite is Grand Theft Auto. When GTA III came out I was imediatly hooked on this series, back then there wasn't open world and this opened up my favorite genre. I know there are more games like this now but its still my favorite.
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    Kingdom Hearts is and probably always will be my favorite. The lovable characters including: the originals made for the game (Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc.), Disney Characters (Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Princesses, etc.) and Final Fantasy Characters (Cloud, Aerith, Cid, etc.) all blended in a beautiful way that seems like it was meant to be. The story is pricelessly convoluted and twisted. The gameplay mechanics have improved over the years. Also it was the very first console game I ever played. xD

    Fire Emblem is a very, very close second. The unlimited possibilities of character usability. The typical, yet epic storyline. Even using Medieval weapons. (Which is a must for me) Also, this series included the first video game I ever played. (Fire Emblem "The Sword of Flame")

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    Quote Originally Posted by ant1th3s1s View Post
    Mass Effect series. Greatest space opera ever made.
    Agreed! I was elated to find out the original was ported to the PS3!

    The Uncharted series is high up there for me.

    Final Fantasy also I hold in high regard. Since the original back when I was 12, the series has always been something that I've gotten much enjoyment out of.

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    Final Fantasy and anything by Tri-ace (square-enix) I grew up playing those series during back in the good ol elementary days.
    Valkyria profiles put out some good ones exspecially #2
    Alien Breed
    I've been happy with COD and BF series
    and god of war I still have to play the psp versions. Just reading the back of the box had me shocked
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