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Help! Trophies disappeared!

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    Help! Trophies disappeared!

    Ok, so I may have posted this in the wrong section or there may be other posts that are similar to this, but I really don't give fuck right now because I'm so pissed off. I've played Fallout: New Vegas for a while now and was going for the plat until this happened:

    1. I was doing the different endings and loading up manual saves to get all the quest trophies when there was a power failure in our house. Now this has happened several times before and I have never had similar issues. I only needed like 2-3 trophies + the Hardcore playthrough trophy for the plat.

    2. The power comes back on, I turn on the PS3 again, and there's no trophies on Fallout NV... All the other games' trophies are intact and I figured that was because they were synced beforehand

    3. So I synced my trophies and then a few trophies came back on my Fallout NV list, but I'm still lacking most of them!

    4. I tried turning my system off and on, loading up some random saves on Fallout, and I even deleted the game data (not the saves, just the game itself) and installed it again. Nothing's working.

    Are my trophies really lost forever?? Because there is no way in hell that I'm going to start over again to get those trophies back. I feel I'm wasting my time just by playing the game in the first place, and trophies are the only thing that actually makes it meaningful (the game is great itself of course, but I feel like I'm wasting time if there's no trophies). Now I feel depressed and angry as fuck because I've spent like 8 hours a day during the last week playing this.

    What should I do about this?? I know that from now on I will always have my trophies set to online, always be signed in to PSN and sync all my trophies on a regular basis, but I must say I'm starting to doubt this whole thing now.. I feel like I've wasted so much fucking time, so maybe I'll stop playing for good and start focusing on other stuff, because I've got a lot of other things I would like to do too.

    This whole time I've been playing Fallout: NV has been so annoying, because it often freezes or starts to lag and then I have to restart my system, and sometimes the loading screens can literary last 5 minutes. I also always feel like I'm wasting time so it kind of spoils the fun for me because the Follout series are such fantastic games..

    Well, this post became more of a outlet for my feelings, but you'll just have to excuse me.

    If anyone knows how I can fix this trophy problem I would be very, very happy.
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    you might have to earn them back from the beginning

    I had a similar problem when I bought a new ps3 slim and it wouldn't sync my Pure trophies and getting all golds was kind of tricky but luckily my old fatty only had disc reading problems So I got a usb dongle and transferred my save data.

    That's wierd it didn't make them Pop from reloading save data.

    best of luck
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    If you weren't able to sync the trophies then you have to start over. This already happened to me when playing Vanquish. It was saving when the power went out and also my trophies were not synced. When the electricity came back, I immediately run to the PS3 to check my trophies and Vanquish wasn't there. Good thing I was just starting out when that happened so no big deal for me to start over.

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