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The Big Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Big Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Developer: BioWare Publisher: Electronic Arts Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Release Date: NA: March 6th 2012, EU: March ...

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    The Big Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

    Developer: BioWare
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
    Release Date: NA: March 6th 2012, EU: March 9th 2012.

    Credit for a lot of this information goes to Phaedon, and the other Bioware members who helped create the News Thread at the Bioware Social forums.

    Latest Updates:

    10/7/11 - New Thread Opening. Working on new Layout.


    Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth.

    The story is the 'epic conclusion' to the story started in Mass Effect and continued in Mass Effect 2, as well as the conclusion of Commander Shepard's story.

    This is Commander Shepard's finest hour.

    RPG Elements/Skills

    • There will be 57 powers in ME3
    • XP system is similiar to Mass Effect 1. No details yet, but they won't do the mission summary XP from ME2
    • Classes will get new powers with up to six different ways to customize each power
    • Heavy weapons don't support weapon modding
    • Melee attack statistical progression has to do with ability level-up
    • There will be 57 powers in ME3, with a total of 178 points
    • The New Level Cap is back to 60.
    • Skill trees to be larger
    • Powers to evolve more times than once
    • Weapon mods to make a return. Not all guns can support all kinds of mods
    • classes can wield all weapons, but only Soldiers can have all of them at once. The rest of the classes will have limited slots
    • You start out with the basic powers from ME2
    • New banter systems have been introduced
    • You get to keep the weapons that you pick up, like ME2
    • The powers of squadmates evolve as well
    • Interrupts are back, but with new "tech and methods"
    • Graphical display of bars and values to the different attributes of weapons and abilities
    • Ammo powers will stay as 'powers' a la ME2
    • Squad weapons can be selected and customized
    • Ammo is fully replenished after every mission
    • New ability shown in one of the squadmates' talents tree called Proximity Mine
    • The Soldier class has a grenade power
    • You will be able to change the colour and camo of your weapons
    • The Engineer can build turrets, which will distract but not 'decimate' the enemy
    • There will be more items to loot
    • In a few flame attack, Shepard uses his omni-tool to inflict a burn to the enemy
    • There will be a one-hit-kill melee attack, depending on your class. The engineer uses the above flame attack
    • A tech-blade is the unique killing blow for Soldiers
    • "Blades of psionic energy" are the unique killing blow for Adepts
    • You can change the colour and camoflage of weapons
    • The Vanguard can have up to 3 weapon slots, not counting heavy weapons
    • Squadmates can use special weapons like the Revenant


    • Heavy melee will pretty much always kill a target, but defensive factors like armor, barriers and shields will affect the outcome
    • The Predator pistol iis improved and returning
    • There are some new heavy weapons, though the pool has been slimmed down a bit
    • The Atlas Mech health does not regenerate when you use it
    • Engineers can use their turrets and drones at the same time
    • These Weapons will be In-Game
    • Squadmates will be able to do melee and chain melee attacks
    • Melee attacks will gain more focus
    • Shooting specific armor parts can have certain effects, and the AI of the enemies will have them routing Shepard and will coordinate with each other
    • Enemy Weapons may be used. Bioware is currently testing whether they should drop weapons or not.
    • The cover system has been improved
    • You can still dispatch squadmates to waypoints and have access to their class-based powers
    • Cover is still assigned to "A/X"
    • Partial Leaning has been introduced
    • ME3 will use thermal clips, not ME1-style regeneratable ammo
    • You will be able to pilot the heavy mech, 'Atlus' as long as you kill the pilot first
    • ME3 will include heavy weapons
    • Just like ME2, squadmates will be using only 2 weapon types
    • You will have one heavy weapon, like in ME2, but there'll be more variety
    • Most pistols reload quickly, hit harder, but have less ammo
    • You can reload while aiming out of cover
    • Grenades are making a return
    • Shepard can jump and roll
    • Abilities such as Concussive Blast will now take into account the ammo power you have added, so you can have a Cryo Concussive Blast


    • The Protheans have a prominent role in ME3
    • There will be more interactions with Reapers
    • Some of the enemies will be equipped with sniper rifles (with laser sights)
    • The Reaperised krogan (Brute) wears heavy plates, while the Reaper version of the asari (Banshee) "has a bit of a potbelly"
    • Various enemies have 'built-in' melee weapons. The Assault Troopers for example, will be equipped with 'shock sticks', Shepard will be unable to use them
    • Cerberus troops include: Troopers, Centurions, Phantoms, Guardians, Combat Engineer, Nemeis and Atlas
    • A female Cerberus operative that you'll face in the game, will be one of the most elite troops, but not a boss or a unique character
    • You can shatter the glass of the Cerberus mech, Atlas, and throw the pilot out
    • Guardians are holding shields, which affect the enemy's gameplay tactics
    • There will be multiple types of husks, human, turian, batarian, Rachni, Harvester and more
    • Cerberus Troops account to around 40% of the enemies


    • The Protheans have a prominent role in ME3
    • You'll have debriefings after each mission that are deeper than ME2, but you are still likely to only talk to the squad mates one on one outside
    • You have a lot more romance options in ME3. Possibly not limited to party members
    • Squad mates appearances and armor will be possible to customize again
    • It is possible to romance some of the LIs that existed in ME2 but you didn't romance them that time
    • Combat banter has been reworked and improved
    • ME3's economy will be much bigger and there will be more choices in weaponry and armour
    • Both Vega and Ashley are soldiers, but they play differently, Vega focuses on survivability, while Ashley focuses on lethality
    • You will be able to equip of remove helmets
    • Every weapon can be customized with up to five modifications
    • You can change your imported characters facial features, hair etc. As well as class and skills
    • Renegade scars and red eyes will pass on to ME3
    • Customization will be more extensive
    • Jack's appearance will be redesigned and will be more mature
    • Shepard armour will be different
    • Bioware has fixed limitations that hair had in the previous games
    • Removable helmets for some armours and conversations
    • Improved technolodgy allows for longer hairstyles

    File Transfer

    As with Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will allow the player to import their save file from the previous game, carrying over their decisions from both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, totaling over 1000 variables. As Mass Effect 3 will import decisions not just from Mass Effect 2, but the original Mass Effect as well, some of the player's decisions from Mass Effect that did not have impact in Mass Effect 2 could potentially have an impact in Mass Effect 3.

    • You will be able to change class if you import your ME2 Shepard to ME3. Though you will have to start from Lvl 1, while kept class will get import perks.
    • The import feature will be present, with more variables than ME2 had
    • There will be great rewards for importing your Shepard
    • Game choices from ME1 and 2 will affect the war in ME3
    • If your Shepard dies in ME2, you won't be able to import your save in ME3
    • If you don't import a save game a 'Previously on Mass Effect' comic will allow you to make major decisions
    • NG+ will be a hybrid of ME1's and ME2's. You can go back and finish some stuff in the post-game
    • Shepard will have access to all of his personal effects from ME2


    • There will be a larger variety of environments compared to ME2
    • Existing music from ME1 and ME2 will make its way into ME3
    • There will be no difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of ME3.
    • Clint Mansell to join as a music composer
    • The Normandy has been refitted
    • Mass Effect 3 will be using the same audio engine as ME2
    • Bioware partially co-operated with DICE in order to develop the sound effects
    • Reapers have different sizes, ranging from 500-600 meters of the smaller ships to the 2km for Harbinger
    • Bioware is attempting to reach photorealism by trying out new lighting techniques
    • You won't be able to feel a sense of security, because the enviroment changes all the time
    • New designers have been working on some of the models
    • Combat areas are now multi-layered
    • Water physics in ME3 are advanced
    • ME3 will be using a heavily modified version of the Unreal 3
    • By pressing 'Y', the camera turns in mini-cutscenes
    • There will be more squad banter, possibly more than in any ME game
    • You can turn helmets on, off, and off in only conversations
    • The field of view during combat will be larger
    • There will be very few loading screens in ME3. The narrative has been designed in a way for them not to be necessary


    Gamescom 2011 - Squad Leader Trailer

    Comic Con - Extended Shur'Kesh Demonstration

    Earth Invasion Trailer

    E3 2011 Kinect Gameplay

    E3 Conference Footage

    SpikeTV Gameplay - Earth and Shur'Kesh

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    Thanks for bringing the thread back bounty!!! Its good to hear they are changing it up quite a bit.
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    So glad this isn't just going to be a multiplayer third person shooter. Looks like they are working hard to push this game to its limits. Cannot wait for its release.

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